Dr. Sebi’s Cures vs. Vegan Disease Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Black Women in Music Videos

This short documentary was a class project for a Women & Media class at Goergia State University. The project was created by Alex James, Jesse Miller, Maryam Dogo, and T’ka Martin who also serve as narrators in the documentary. The project is definitely a great collection of images with historical context in regards to how black women’s bodies are portrayed. But, I do question the inclusion of images Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim and Trina. While they used the hip-hop brand of hypersexuality to market themselves, they clearly have more autonomy than the standard “video chick”. Overall, however, this short piece is very well put together.


Dr. Amos Wilson – Black Male And Female Relationships


Professor Griff- The Truth about the Death of Afeni Shakur and Tupac’s Estate



Who’s Failed Black Women Black Men or The System?, Hurricane Harvey Victim Speaks and More!



MK-Ultra: Possession IS Mind Control-We Learned It From ‘the Gods’ (Stars/Demons)

The Ba and The Ka….Dr. York…Alchemy…Amusement Parks…Face/Fake (c=’k’ or ‘s’, and in the case of ‘Facebook’, an mk-ultra experiment in creating duality, it is both) – PoP culture creates, and is designed to create a nation (and eventually a world, as other nations follow suit) of mind-controlled/possessed slaves. Mind-control is a form of oppression/possession. The scientific elite who disconnect these two concepts are either deceived (as are their followers), or deceivers. Because of the growing popularity of the subject, even new age pundits and modern day pseudo-truthers are unleashed upon an unwitting public with an increasing desire to know, “about the illuminati”. As Luciferians and Satanists, “mind control” is their number one tool. Why? As it is written, “be ye transformed….by the renewing of YOUR MIND”. The mind is not only the most key of spiritual battlefields, because as the mind goes, so goes the body – but it is through the mind, that ALL transformation must FIRST take place. The true intent of pop (as in ‘father’ – of lies) is to raise up a culture of zombies, mind-controlled and possessed individuals who are ripe for physical enslavement….once the overall spiritual enslavement of society takes root. The mighty elephant, the prideful man and the willful woman are all easily controlled once someone, or in some cases, someTHING, has broken their respective wills (i.e. “spirits”). In this lesson, by the will and guidance of the Most High, i attempt to explain and make it plain….once and for all, y’all. To the Creator Most High, give i all the praise, all the honor and the glory….mandatory.