A Meme Says That Black Males Are the Worst When It Comes To Their Women. Is It Right?

Black Love is a must no excuses.


My alter ego was in a Facebook group dedicated to the black man’s love for black women. Then, someone posted a meme that says that no one has put down their women more than black men. Naturally, it started a comment thread that I bet is still active with most brothas refuting the meme. Some sistas agreed with the brothas, but some agreed with the meme, including the one who posted it in the first place.

I stepped in to give my two cents. I stated that misogyny is prevalent among all groups. I agreed that we need to fix this problem in your own communities. But to read that black men are the worst struck a nerve with me.

Maybe it sounded similar to the “we’re the most criminal” cliche we hear among racist trolls. Maybe it implied that black men disrespect their women without any explanation. Whatever it was…

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The Facebook Murder, The People Involved and the Black Shaming By the Right

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It is sorrowful day for many in the Cleveland, Ohio area and perhaps for everyone around the world.

A video surfaced on Easter Sunday of a shooting of an elderly black man (Robert Godwin, Sr.) by a younger black man (Steve W. Stephens) who went missing afterwards and could be anywhere in America at this time armed and dangerous.

The Washington Post writes:

Authorities said Monday that the suspect, identified by police as 37-year-old Steve W. Stephens, is still at large amid a manhunt that began in Ohio and spread to five states before expanding into a national search. By afternoon, authorities were offering up to $50,000 for information leading to his arrest.

“Steve if you’re out there listening, call someone — whether it’s a friend or family member or pastor — give them a call; they’re waiting for you to call them,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams pleaded with Stephens…

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Black people are being covertly conditioned to hate themselves. It is a divide and conquer tactic used for maintaining white dominance.

Many Black people today share the belief that it is now themselves that are collectively their own worst enemy. These same groups of blacks also often share the belief that despite a brutal history to the contrary that it is now whites that are more humane and trust worthy.
These self contemptuous/white adoring perceptions currently held by so many Black people are not some strange coincident, void of a rational explanation. They are the result of a deliberately deplored massive manipulative perception management system used for maintaining the current white statuesque. It has remained the white ruling elite’s best kept secret – that is until now.
Within the U.S. Government’s doctrine of Psychological Warfare (as taught by the CIA, FBI and DOD) it states that in order to defeat a targeted group and our population they must first me made to distrust and hate themselves. And that to accomplished this you must repeatedly feed the targeted group misinformation and fraudulent propaganda that misleadingly convinces them their greatest problem they face are themselves.


The white controlled national media’s distorted portrayal of its Black population that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is more than just biased media reports. They function as media manipulation psychosocial programs.
It’s constant relentless bombardment of deplorable negative black images and statistics of which it subjects its Black viewers to seeing and hearing are parts of a very carefully and deliberately designed psychological warfare (conditioning) program.
This psychosocial program is deliberately designed to breaks down its targeted Black population’s sense of Black racial heritage, allegiance and unity by subjecting them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves. It also implies that Blacks should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. This psychosocial program also socially engineers a national consensual setting that justifies Black mistreatment.
This media psychosocial program perpetuates a depiction of Black people that expresses a profoundly distorted view that elevates what is wrong with Black America above all that we know is right with Black America. Its portrayal of Black America is one that ignores all facts that conflict with the racist conceptions of the white elites and sees the endemic problems of Black America as rooted primarily with Blacks themselves, instead of emanating from white racism. This program revises the past to conveniently make whites appear less inhumane through out America’s brutal racist history; and despite a brutal history to the contrary– fraudulently depicts whites as being the standard of ethics and morale values while portraying Blacks as being all that’s wrong with America.
It is a covert system of control that ensures the continuance of white dominance by ensuring that Blacks remain the most racially devalued and most economically exploited group in America.
It also facilitates a national consensual environment of where in which Blacks cries for equality are lesser heard and their mistreatment appears more justified.
The daily assault of the media deployed program on the Black psyche is designed to corrupt African Americans’ sense of racial unity and cohesion, mold the character of self-hatred, and engender self-doubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group. This media psychosocial treatment is deliberately designed to divide and manipulate Black people into accepting white dominance over their lives by convincing them that it is now they that are their own worst enemies. Blacks own negative interactions and experiences with their fellow Blacks merely act as confirmations to what is being implied.
This is all possible because the mass media form for us our image of the world and essentially everything we know—or think we know—about events outside our own neighborhood or circle of acquaintances comes to us via our daily newspaper, our weekly news magazine, our radio, or our television. By employing carefully developed psychological techniques, the mass media guide our thoughts and opinions. The way in which the news is covered: which point of views are emphasized and which are played down; the phrasing of headlines; the choice of words, pictures, and illustrations—all of these things subliminally and yet profoundly affect the way in which we interpret what we see or hear. The media tell us which side of an issue that we should favor, forms our images of various groups of people. Even our images of ourselves is greatly influenced by what media shows us about our own group. Given these factor the media has been used for decades by government elites to manipulate public opinion and to socially engineer society towards governmental objectives.
Therefore it was logical that the U.S. government elites would use this same well proven method of control against its (greatest organizers, protesters, and fighters of institutionalized white racism) Black population as a means of maintaining its white dominance and control. This media deplored psychosocial program manipulates the minds of the Black masses to admire and love whites while blaming and hating themselves.
Through its suppression of certain news stories that are contrary of the myth of white supremacy and its blatant propagandizing of distorting TV documentaries that deploringly characterizes its Black population, the white controlled media have taken the lead in persuading a whole generation that Black people are the most physically abusive, the most users of drugs, the laziest, the worst parents, the worst children, the lesser intelligent, and have contributed nothing at all to the benefit of society.
And although this media psychosocial program is less blatant than those earlier racist systems used in the past against Blacks, its affects are very real and detrimentally. In fact this method is by far the most proficient system ever deployed against America’s black population.
To the detriment of Blacks, this system of applied psychological conditioning has been an extremely effective. It has successfully conditioned many African Americans to not only accept, but in some cases to prefer the dominance of Whites and white institutions over their lives by misleading them to believe that they are, themselves, their own worst enemies. These thoughts when injected into the Black psyche engender an aberration of internalized self contempt that pulverizes Black unity and halts Black upward mobility.

Molding Black Minds

For the average Black person, like most Americans of whose daily life TV-watching takes such an unhealthy portion, distinguishing between these fictional reports and reality can be very difficulty, if done at all. Many responds to the televised reports and attitudes of TV anchors much as they do to their own peers in real life. For all too many African Americans the real world has been replaced by the false reality of the TV environment, and it is to this false reality that their views of themselves and their community negatively conformed. It also conforms many African Americans youths to ridiculous caricatures. Because some of what it shows to us -through the entertainment media- is made to look cool. It also causes many Blacks to function as amnesiacs – forgetting the history of white barbarity while simultaneously developing profound admiration for whiteness. The insidious thing about this form of thought control is that even when we realize that the news is biased, the media masters still are able to manipulate most of us. This is because they not only slant what they present, but also they establish tacit boundaries and ground rules for the permissible spectrum of opinion.
While there are differences in degree, however, most Blacks fail to realize that they are being manipulated and instead falls victims to the misinformation about themselves. Many African Americans literally develop a self contemptuous “anti Black” frame of thought that collectively attributes to Black disunity at a time when we need unity; it distracts us from solving real problems; increases self loathing at a time when we need to come together to face the complicity in our condition. It prevents the African-American community from forging the alliances within it needed to bring about real change.
Even the socially conscious Black person who complains about “racially biased news” falls into the trap of thinking that because he is presented with an apparent spectrum of opinion he can escape the thought controllers’ influence by believing the editor or commentator of his choice. It’s a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation. Every point on the permissible spectrum of public opinion is acceptable to the media masters—and no impermissible fact or viewpoint is allowed any exposure at all, if they can prevent it.
And although this media psychosocial program is less blatant than those earlier racist systems used in the past against Blacks, its affects are very real and detrimentally. In fact this method is by far the most proficient system ever deployed against America’s black population.
This Black mortifying psychosocial program is deplored with both subtlety and thoroughness in its management of the news that is presented to its Black population. Furthermore, it is not distant and impersonal; it reaches into the homes of every African American, working its will during nearly every waking hour. It is the power that shapes and molds the mind and perceptions of virtually every Black citizen, young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated, unknown or famous. For some of its Black victims it can be so detrimental to their psyche that it may even cause them to feel that there is something not quite right about their Black humanity.

All African Americans have experienced the burden of this psychological warfare, some more severely than others have. It is experienced every time we [Blacks] read a newspaper, watch the evening news, enter a classroom, and read its racially biased textbooks. And while many Black Americans have successfully navigated through the psychology mortifying mine field and have gone on to lead successful, productive lives, but for far too many African Americans this immense devaluation can seem inescapable and tragically, over time, many begin to accept subconsciously and painfully the negative portrayals of themselves. Many also become discouraged by the acceptance that their society is also preconditioned to see the worst in them and that, therefore, if they were ever to gain acceptance, if it is to be won at all, that success would be hard won and likely to manifest negative internalized psychological pain and distress within many African Americans that can take many forms.
To the detriment of Blacks, this system of applied psychological conditioning has been an extremely effective. It has successfully conditioned many African Americans to not only accept, but in some cases to prefer the dominance of Whites and white institutions over their lives by misleading them to believe that they are, themselves, their own worst enemies. For some of its Black victims it can be so detrimental to their psyche that it may even cause them to feel that there is something not quite right about their Black humanity.
Although we African Americans are not monolithic– our views are formed of very different, religious beliefs, opinions, education, social and economic back grounds and opinions—nonetheless it is our inescapable responsibility as Black people to break that control. It is imperative that we do so because this control is detrimental to who we truly are as a people; and If we’re to be apart of the future it must me relinquished. We must shrink from nothing in combating this evil power that has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting its lethal poison into our people’s minds and souls. If our race fails to destroy it, it certainly will destroy our race.

Our Responsibility

Those are the facts of media control in America and we must not remain silent on this most important of issues. The white elite’s control of the American mass media is the single most important fact of life, not just in America , but in the whole world today. There is nothing more dangerous to the future of our people.
By permitting the white elites to continue their total control of our news and entertainment media we are doing more than merely giving them a decisive influence on our communities; we also are giving them virtual control of the minds and souls of our children, whose attitudes and ideas are shaped more by white controlled television and films than by parents, schools, or any other influence.
We Black people must continue the long march of our parents. A march for a more just, and equal society. However we cannot solve the challenges of our time while being divided and self hating. We must oppose the further spreading of this poison among our people, and we must break the power of those who are spreading it. It would be intolerable for such power to be in the hands of the greedy capitalist white elites with values and interests different from our own. But to permit the white elites, with their 400-year history of brutal racist oppression, from slavery to the reconstruction period, to hold such power over us is tantamount to race suicide. Indeed, the fact that so many African Americans today are so filled with a sense of racial self-hatred is a deliberate consequence of the white controlled media.


The Role Of The Black Churches During The Civil Rights Movement

I am many things to many people. But in the quiet recesses of my heart, I am fundamentally a clergyman, a Baptist preacher. This is my being and my heritage, for I am also the son of a Baptist preacher, the grandson of a Baptist preacher and the great-grandson of a Baptist preacher.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Black churches played an enormous role in the civil rights movement. Because segregation limited black people’s options of where they could congregate, celebrate, or even carry out business, the church was a central part of the community’s survival as one of the few black-owned institutions. All throughout history, the black church has served not only as place to worship, but also as a community support group, bulletin board, place to solve disputes, and a center of political activism. These churches also offered members an opportunity to exercise roles denied to them in society.

Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the most important and prominent clergyman during the movement. In 1964, he was nominated “Man of the Year” by Time Magazine and a man of the people. He played an essential role in various protest demonstrations, and as comedian Dick Gregory put it, “He gave as many fingerprints as autographs.”

Other notable minister-activists during the Civil Rights movement included Ralph Abernathy, King’s closest associate; Bernard Lee, veteran demonstrator and frequent travel companion of King; Fred Shuttlesworth, who both defied Bull Connor and created a safe path for a colleague through a white mob in Montgomery.




We Black people are not suffering from some ridiculous Biblical curse

We Black people are not suffering from some ridiculous Biblical curse (written by our oppressors) that must be fulfilled before the messiah can return. This statement is easily proven true by conducting a thorough review of how the Bible was actually written, most specifically the Nicean Creed. It clearly reveals that the Jesus messiah myth was created by the Roman Emperor Constantine and the Council of Bishops in 325 A.D. By creating the Jesus messiah myth–and teaching that accepting him was necessary for entering heaven–this gave the Roman church immense power because, since they controlled the Jesus image, it literally meant that they controlled the key to heaven. Therefore, creating the Jesus messiah myth gave the Roman church it’s greatest power on Earth. It was a political move and a great scam. Therefore, there is no returning messiah. That falsehood has kept millions of Black people complacently mentally enslaved waiting for a fictional messiah for centuries.
We Black people are also NOT suffering from a 400 year old self hate programming created by a fictitious slave-owner name Willie Lynch; whom in spite of having no formal training in psychology (or psychological warfare) yet somehow miraculously developed a full proof plan to control the minds of billions of Black people for 400 years. That’s total bullshit! In the absent of truth the oppressed will believe the most ridiculously absurd premises about themselves! As ridiculous as the story is yet, the Willie Lynch Letter is mentioned in the movie The Great Debaters. The Nation of Islam leader the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan also quoted parts of the letter it during his speech at the Million Man March in 1995.
However, the author behind the Willie Lynch hoax is Dr. Kwabena Ashanti, who lives in Durham, NC. He confirms that Willie Lynch never existed. Black people we have to stop being so gullible. It’s time to elevate our minds and recognize that what plagues us has nothing to do with a religious fairy-tale written by our oppressors, nor is it the false slave syndrome narrative. We must put aside those false feeble minded premises and recognize that what truly plagues us is the monopoly that our enemies have over our minds. Their ability to control what we believe–especially about ourselves is their greatest weapon being used against us.

The truth of our condition is that those that have the ability to project their false self serving narratives into our minds are doing so. Presently Black people are the unknowing victims of an elaborate black racially demoralizing psychological warfare system. Within this system white sources constantly inundates Black people with false negative information about themselves. It’s a well proven system that’s used for controlling Black populations. People are easily controlled by the information they routinely receive. When people are constantly presented positive affirming information about themselves, this unifies and uplifts them. It can even give them confidence within their own ability to come together against their oppressors. However, to the contrary, when people are constantly presented negative demoralizing information the exact opposite happens. This turns them self hating, self doubting, divides them, and makes them more compliant with the dominance of others over their lives. It’s the dirty secret that the ruling white elites have used for years for controlling Black people. It was implemented to protect the white world from Black retribution, and for maintaining white dominance.

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Here is a basic example of how this system actually works:

Imagine that a crew of people were out at sea aboard their own massive ship and that it was being followed by another ship. A second ship that was following behind and constantly broadcasting derogatory messages at the first ship and its crew. Such messages as that the first crews ship was lesser, smaller, not seaworthy, perhaps slowly sinking or that their crew was incompetent. With time, the group receiving the negative messages, being unable to refute or to confirm these derogatory messages and deficiencies will grow weary and paranoid of the negative messages and will eventually comes to accept these negative assessments of themselves. The perception created by the taunting now unconsciously influences how the taunted group perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, hating themselves and, eventually, fighting among themselves. The taunted group may even become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that they may even jump into the sea and attempt to swim towards the taunting ship now believing it to be superior to their own ship even–if their own ship was in fact better. This entire process was accomplished by constantly inundating the ship’s crew with negative demoralizing disinformation about themselves. Its weapon is the negative message that it carries and the way that they adversely affects the targeted crew. Within a real world setting this is precisely what is being done to Black people through the white media.

The white media’s constant deplorable depictions of its Black population– that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality– is much more than just bias media reporting. It actually a black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program. It’s designed to demoralize Black people to such an immense degree that they become self hating, self doubting and more compliant with white dominance over their lives. This system is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Within this system fraudulent black racially demoralizing disinformation is unrelentingly pumped into the unsuspecting minds of Black populations–without them being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount Black racially affirming information. [ side note: Because the ruling white elites controls all Black statistics, national narratives, the Black media image, and virtually all societal information that Black people routinely receives, this allows them to negatively control what Black people believes about themselves.]

In time the constant humiliation unconsciously influences how Black populations perceives themselves, subsequently causing them to become distrustful of themselves, doubting themselves, and even hating themselves. This programming also conveys the subliminal message that Black people are their own worst enemy and therefore needs whites to govern over their lives. Moreover, that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. This turns the collective frustrations and aggression’s of Black people away from their white oppressors and turns them inward towards themselves. It also makes many Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives.

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This system is extremely effective because when Black people are presented narratives and statistics from trusted white sources constantly conveying messages that Black people are their own worst enemies and that whites are superior it can be very difficult to resist it’s implied propaganda programming. Especially when the propaganda is being told daily and so unrelentingly. It doesn’t matter if the information presented is untrue most Black people will act upon it because they have all been given the same information. Those Black people that do not think critically–and question the validity of all information being constantly fed into their minds from entirely white sources–never notices what is being done to them.

This system provides the white elite with a more proficient method of control and suppressing Black populations. For unlike the past blatant racist systems that Black people were easily able to identify and therefore develop counter strategies against, this system is not easily recognized nor comprehended by many of its Black victims. This psychological warfare program works so well in fact that it not only makes Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it.It is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black people and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.

“The oppressed will always believe the worse about themselves” –Franz Fanon
There is a real conspiracy in place designed to protect the interests of those white nations that built their wealth by stealing from Africa.

Here’s Why:

Imagine that greedy, barbaric invaders broke into a home to steal its natural resources and wealth. Then while leaving the home in ruins, these invaders kidnapped some of the children from the home to work as their slaves. These invaders, fearing an eventual retribution from the enslaved children, would logically find it necessary to implement systems to ensure that the children would remain loyal to them, and never hold him accountable for their actions. Because while the invaders, through their military strength can rob and the destroy the children’s home, they cannot win their loyalty, or sustain peace with them for long unless systems are put in place to keep the enslaved children loyal, or to suppress dissent among them. To protect themselves from retribution, from these enslaved children, the invaders would have to develop a way of controlling them. This presented example, and its given scenario, is actually the story of we African people. We are those enslaved children that had our home pillaged and robbed by the white invaders. And also likewise, as explained in the example, the white world has implemented an elaborate system to keep us loyal and suppress dissent among us. It is a system used to control our Black minds.

This practice is not new at all. Throughout Western history, empires that maintain their power, have always done so by manipulating the oppressed to think in ways that serves the interests of the dominant society. Therefore, the oppressed population’s perception of reality is never truly their own. It’s always a false one that has been shrewdly indoctrinated into their minds by their oppressors–without the oppressed even realizing it. Black people it’s time to wake up! What plagues us has never been the Willie Lynch myth, nor does it have anything to do with a religious fairytale written by our oppressors. It’s the monopoly that our oppressors have over our minds.

BY Franklin Jones
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