About Queen Adira

I always loved History. I fell in love with it deeper when I learned the TRUE story of African People/Women on planet earth. I want African (Black) Women to be educated on the importance of our historical significance, presence, and status on planet earth. Any Anti-Black Woman rhetoric or sentiment IS NOT WELCOMED, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and perpetrators WILL BE BANNED!


6 thoughts on “About Queen Adira

  1. LESSONS FROM GOD – Releasing Sexual Genetic History.
    One lesson I learnt in meditation from Sai Baba was to read
    “Discover Atlantis by Diana Cooper”
    The following is a simplified explanation & exercise :
    When a male deposits his sperm in a female his whole genetic history is joined to her!
    (Conceiving is taking both halves of the partners story lines and making them whole!)
    Most of us have been in a constant cycle of rebirth as a male or female,
    and we hold the energy of all the partners we have had, thru the energy of
    .the sperm & we therefore take in the genetic information and absorb this in to
    our being. Sometimes this can contribute to .illness as the other partners hold
    on to our energy signature and vice versa!.
    Of course, however much we love our partner, this is not about letting them go.
    Its about releasing the burden of our various partners genetic karma we have and
    they have absorbed from us and letting this imprint go.
    Much illness can be decreased by releasing this Connection/Karmic bond between us!
    For a person in a present relationship this energy can be cleared a couple
    of times a year if they wish! This should make the present relationship
    more stronger and purer!
    Meditation :
    In meditation ask God, Your Guru, and your guides to allow you to access all your lifetimes,
    past, present and future. Sense or imagine the energy’s of all the mating/sperms,
    containing all the energy of their entire genetic history, like a jelly inside you.
    Visualise it all being washed away you, and also your sperm/energy in all the partners
    you may have had in all life times.
    Visualise this all being washed away With Love & with blessed light and water. Every single molecule.
    Visualise yourself standing under a shower and being washed from head to toe.
    Visualise pure white angels of light placing white robes on all concerned to symbolise purification & release.
    Thank God and the Angels for participating in this Release.
    This is a very powerful exercise and should be done with much love for all concerned.
    Remember our cells communicate with each other, and every time we do this exercise they send healing, peace, love and higher energies around us.
    This prepares us to switch on our full divine potential – our Birth right – spiritual, psychic gifts and Cleanses us for communication with our inner God head.
    Amarjit singhbam@aol.com


    • We are all one people, so sharing genetic history is healing. That which you refer to as karma is not necessarily problematic when one is conscious of one’s unions. For women, are able most naturally to release their karma through their menses, but this knowledge has been supressed for thousands of years under patriarchy, to keep us praying for forgiveness for carnal knowledge.

      If I understand Queen Adira at all, her message to the African community is to know themselves as the Original Gods of the Earth. So asking oneself is the same as mediation meeting correct knowledge. The Black woman when fully knowing of herself is the Hindu Goddess Paravati, she who watches the wheels of life and death and issues karmic payment to reap what we have sown.

      Making love from one’s soul, is what mystics practice to achieve through Tantra, or sex magic. God needs no such methods, for God is whole, male and female, one, forever through the illusion of time.


  2. Madame, please forgive my sentiments, but I have herd of a white people that has been kind to nature – the Sami. But then again, their technological level is traditionally stone-age, so maybe there is that that may prove your point.


  3. I adore the knowledge and information that comes from Queen Aidre. She is a brilliant writer and full of positive energy. I have been plagiarising her articles and placing them in http://www.melanatedpeople.net which is a relatively all black social platform. I keep her name as I am not interested in the credit for her wonderful work. Keep it up my sister. As a black man some of us find it difficult in producing accolades and appreciation. I dont. Your a wonderful person my queen and your king is any must be over the moon. Keep it up and I can assure you have many silent readers and we always do it for the love never for the likes.



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