21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2015 will be harsh for us in more ways than one. In the Spirit of my ancestors, I will speak blinding truth about us as Africans. As talented, Spiritual and great as we are, we have a tremendous amount of work to do if we want to live. Darqbeauty, a Hebrew Israelite, has touched on a powerful point:

“There is a separation happening amongst us. Those of us that are “awake” / becoming “awake” are slowing and quietly moving away from the rest who insist on remaining asleep.”

This disjointment, which I simply call Negro Madness Disease, will either stop just in time for the revolution to begin or it will hinder us in our struggle. I hope this harsh but well-intentioned post will cause you to think, pause and ask yourselves, “Is this what the ancestors died for?”


1. Your own jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other black people is what’s keeping you from moving forward. (Pssssst! White people are masters at The Brown vs. Brown Game)

2. We never learn from history because we believe:

a. That white people can change

b. That things are “getting better”

c. God will help us if we just pray and do nothing to help ourselves

d. That just because we lack the capacity for evil, others lack it too.

3. Having the latest gadget, like a 50″ flat screen TV for showing off, is more important than building stronger communities.

4. Eurocentric education is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to us

5. No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger.

6. Treating each other like garbage isn’t going to win you favours with whites.

7. We kill each other because we can’t kill the enemy.

8. Most other Coloureds, especially those with direct African blood, don’t want anything to do with us for they are ashamed to be labeled with us.

9. The reason why we fight each other is because we hate ourselves.

10. Identifying with white people is the foundation for our mental illness:


11. All black people are mentally ill but we don’t want to accept it.

12. We latch on to other people’s struggles as a way to get them to accept us…which they NEVER do.

13. Black men who hate black women hate themselves.

14. Black women who hate black men have no self-respect.

15. The fact that our children are being lead astray is our fault.

16. The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon.

17. Whites despise us with a blinding passion because they need something we have:Image result for melanin

18. We are still waiting to be told how to fix “the problem with no name” because we are too passive and complacent to figure it out ourselves

19. Marrying/ dating and sleeping with a white person will never change the colour of your skin. Will never gain you acceptance into the White Club and will never stop them from calling you a no-good, low-down, dirty Nigger:






20. If whites had the chance, tomorrow morning slavery would be back with a vengeance…and they would make sure it remains in existence for all eternity. Accept it.

21. We have no friends/ allies on this planet.

Courtesy of http://diaryofanegress.com/



61 thoughts on “21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear

    • Man I LOVE my people but these are the facts we rob each other we kill each other the list goes on and on thats why when black people get money we move away instead of rebuilding our community but then a Mexican can move in and have more than we ever had and don’t nobody mess with them we jealous of each other envy each other and if you did try to help you would probably end up dead then your away from your wife and kids and the process never stops we need to stop gloryfing selling dope and apreciate getting a doploma or graduating college with that said the only hope we have is GOD.

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      • You are right even I would leave my community if I gain money. It’s not because I hate blacks but think about the black who tries to build they community. It gets destroyed.

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      • You really need to explain that Black Women who hate Black men have no self respect. I’m a Black Woman and I don’t hate black men but I’m over them because they hate themselves. I have more than plenty of respect for myself and I don’t want to be with a self hater out of respect for myself. Pick your words more carefully dude.


    • That entire list is bullshit, I’m white man married black woman and I can see the biggest problem is #1 black people are far more racist than most white. #2 Black people refuse to take good advice from white people that would help them BECAUSE black people are racist. And the list keeps going just keep repeating #1-#2. Forever

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      • What you are spewing is racism at it’s finest, you can’t blame whites for all your self included problems. Please pray about your circumstances. God made 1 people one blood . Jesus was Jewish but he accepted all into his family. Who are you to try and say otherwise


      • No, American blacks are not racist. Their problems lies in the way they perceive themselves in the American picture and social setting.School integration and and general integration was a curse to the black race. First of all I believe in integration, I believe in racial marriages It’s silly for a white man to accuse blacks of being racist, because if that statement had been true there would have been a race war long ago.Because whites in America, in government and out of government haven committed some of the greatest crimes of atrocities and brutality against black people. yet blacks have tolerated whites as friends. Such is an ominous tragedy on the black man”s part. The problem with integration is it was an illusion, blacks needed equality, they don’t have equality, Integration don’t bring equality. Blacks left their schools theirs stores their homes and their communities and their rightful community leaders jest to say they was walking hands and hands with whites.The problem with this black man, was you were being received into a social setting where whites was being recognized as suprior and one who had all the rights to make the decision for you, your children, your furture and your life. the black man gave up his rights, God given rights as the master of his own humanity:community, schools business,children and future. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS AND TAKE CONTOLE OF YOUR OWN COMMUNITY, SCHOOL BUSINESSES,LIFES, CHILDREN DESTINY. GOD WILL HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE THIS GOLD BUT YOUR TRUST MUST BE IN GOD AND NOT IN THE HANDS OF THE WHITE RACE OF WHICH YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR DECISION MAKING RIGHTS. BE IT KNOWN TO YOU GOD HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFES’ DECISION AND THE OUT COME OF YOUR LIFE, BE IT GOOD OR BAD. BLACK AMERICANS YOU MUST REJECT THIS LYING PHOLOSOPHY: IF YOU ARE WHITE YOU ARE RIGHT,IF YOU ARE BLACK STAND BACK IF YOU ARE YELLOW YOU ARE MELLOW AND IF YOU ARE BROWN HANG AROUND.BLACK MAN STOP ALLOWING OTHER TO DEFINE YOU.YOU ARE THE CREATION OF GOD. GOD GREATED BOTH YOU BLACK MAN AND YOU WHITE MAN FROM THE SAME PARENT, THE SAME BLOOD.THEREFORE YOU WHITE BROTHER THAT’S MARRIED A BLACK WOMEN, DON’T MAKE A RACIST ACCUSATION, TO JUSTIFY THE RACIST HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE. BUT TELL YOUR WHITE BROTHERS TO REPENT. ASK GOD AND THE BLACK MAN TO FORGIVE HIM AND WORK FOR THE GOOD OF GOD’S CREATION. BE BLESS BY THE LOVE OF GOD . .


    • some of these facts are retarded, such as that people of African descent or of native African blood don´t want to deal with us. This shows just how ignorant this is, while you are listing some good facts, you are showing us the idea that white people have put in our heads for decades, that Africans hate us, and I can safely assume that you have never been to the motherland o know how Africans feel about blacks in America. Saying what you said, is doing the evil white peoples job for them. before you post things, you have to think about the message you’re sending out. And this is not a hate message, this is just saying tighten up! as a young black teenager that lived in TN, and currently MI, I’ve seen how rich and poor whites feel about us. Peace One Perfect Love.


    • We are. We have to start spending money with each other the same way the Jews do, build our communities back up by ourselves, instill pride into our children the same way they instilled the hate and the “Willie Lynch Syndrome”. If it takes a village to raise a child, what will it take to resurrect a community, is the question and the answer is simple… US!


    • The solution is to:

      1. Stop fathering so many illegitimate children with different women leaving the child to be raised unloved, angry and by the state. 73% of American black children grow up this way. It is no wonder they turn to crime and violence instead of education and employment.

      2. Reject the idea that you are defined by your skin color instead of the value you bring to society. You own yourself until you believe that you don’t and the value you bring to the table can be proven by you and you alone.

      3. Don’t believe anyone that tells you that you are where you are in life because of someone else’s will.

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      • Now that’s too funny… Stats show that most people of color brought to America had a White male who father their ancestors during the African Holocaust. More that 20-million release from bondage after the war. Let’s acknowledge that every-one of the 2nd Nation forefather’s were Dead Beat Daddies, and never forget that! Caucasians has a lot of child and mental support to paid for the damage their ancestors left behind when raping of black woman and children over the centuries… can figure out how some can sleep at night unless they are disconnected from humanity.


  1. This is VERY racist. “White Club?” “Black men who hate black women hate themselves?” This is a load of bullshit. Do you hate yourself? STOP being racist. STOP making it seem as if our race feels NOTHING about themselves. You DON’T know What people go through. You’re not making it any better by ASSUMING what you think is wrong with them. Yes, we are the cause of our own problems, but at the same time you’re still blaming another race. You were brought up racist just like them. And another thing, everybody needs somebody. You may think you know something but will be surprised at how little you do know. Thanks for this article. ✌

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    • White people only care about blacks when they feel threatened by them. Anyone with any sense can understand how the average white American feels threatened by blacks. The simple fact is whites are racist because most of them don’t even think about blacks, let alone spend their valuable time conspiring to keep blacks down. Anyone who believes that whites cafe enough about blacks to oppress them is not an intelligent person. Whites don’t want anything to do with blacks on any level.


      • White men do not want black men with white women but they want to mess with black women. I believe other races are just like whites who want blacks for slaves sex money. A white man will kill a black woman if she wants to leave him for her own race; white woman will tell lies on a black man because he wants to leave her. I know most whites are rude racist wicked redneck bitches because they are devils to people of color. whites like to tell blacks what to do like kids when blacks are grown and are on their own; they like to treat them like children. White bitches took land of Native Americans who were enslaved by masters; they use racist slurs to people of color. Blacks have the right to be racist towards whites because racism exists and slavery is still happening. whites really do give a damn about no one but their own race. Blacks should stay in their race when it comes friendships dating marriage since interracial relationships create problems. White women will take away our good black men from black women if they know they are successful. Black women get more respect and freedom than white women; but they cannot handle truths because they have been told sweet lies all their lives and they hurt and set them free.


      • White men don’t want black men with white women but they want to be with black women who are killed by white men because they want to leave. White women tell lies on black men who are in jail for consensual sex because they want black men to stay with wicked rude racist redneck devils and deceitful bitches. Most whites are involved in hate groups like Klu Klux Klans Nazis Skinheads; they want blacks to lick their butts for more money. They want blacks for sex slaves and money to earn a living for themselves; they really hate blacks because they are smarter than them. Some blacks are racist toward whites because they know for themselves what is like to experience racism which still exists. I really do not want to be friends with evil and fake whites. Interracial relationships create problems such as cultural differences prejudices racial attitudes. People of color have been enslaved physically and psychologically by slave masters for centuries; they are just like white people since Arabs Indians Mexicans Asians men do not really want black men to mess with women of different races and cultures. I have seen black people looking up to whites for companionship and help; I know for myself whites pretend to be friendly long as they control blacks. I know for a fact I am smarter than most black women because I never had children that they have to raise alone; I learned there were black pregnant teenagers since my early teens in 1980’s; I decided not to have kids because I know most men are no good for them; I have grown up without a father most of my life. I believe blacks will be better people if they stop supporting white supremacists that include creditors want borrowers to be debt slaves; blacks need to keep money in their own pockets.


    • Exactly. We see it on a daily basis, and hear it near, and from a distance. We fail to recognize that there is a problem, and when a person of a color other than a minority tell us something we are all ears and ready to open up, but when a brown or black person tells us knowledge we don’t want to hear it. We want to compete, we want to debate such is not true. If you stand alone you are a brave soul, and if you unite we become heroic.


  2. I have read simular literiture to the connection man and women share when they become intimate it is very toxic cleansing your self is one of the ONLY ways you can break away from being tied TO that person.the book I read that has simular information was called soul ties .very interesting


  3. I for one happen to think it should start with unity. Not all white people are racist, this we know, but those who are stick together in their cause. This to me would be a major step in reprogramming.


  4. Yes, we could say we are mentally ill or that we suffer from a loss of identity. Whatever the media or white society tells us we should be, look like, act like we adopt that. We are not our weaves, wigs, fake nails, saggin (niggas) pants which should have died out a long time ago, or the disrespect we show each other. Many of us are weak minded, despise our selves and want to be anything other than what we are. Yes that’s a mental illness and we need to first get our souls back, work on our minds, identities through acceptance. We are who we are, and we better love, honor and respect ourselves because no one else “like you said” on this planet does.


  5. This is soooo true… thanks for the realness. Despite the mental illness and all that we’ve been through… we will see the “promised land”. We were Alpha… (and I know it’s a process), but we will one day be Omega.


  6. Want to know what would make White people have tons more respect?Stop blaming all of your problems on us.We also don’t like the idea of interracial marriage/couples.Whether they are or aren’t justified doesn’t matter,but those are the two biggest things that allow our “racism” to flourish.Black people are a very strong race who have been doubted by most people,yet still tend to be very successful.Black people are misunderstood.I can’t really comment on racism because I’ve never experienced racism towards me,but I will ALWAYS support black people if they are doing something right,which is becoming more of a common thing to see.Having pride in your
    race is what causes your race to become independent.There are more crimes committed by white people,yet there is a higher percent chance for a black to committ one.The media shoves all of these messages in our faces and leads people to become indoctrinated into a system of hate.

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  7. This is silly. I’m going to let you in on a little secret that all of you “white devil haters” don’t realize. Most white people don’t care one way or another. Nobody is out to get you do. White people just want to get on with their lives. Earn a living. Improve themselves. I can promise, they aren’t losing sleep about your success or trials. Maybe black people should look within. Focus on improving yourself. The only one holding you back is YOU.

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  8. If you want someone to change, start with yourself. In what way do you want “white people” to change? Should they become like YOU or like you want them to be? Who do you think you are? Or do you think you are that much better? Let me tell you something, you are exactly the same as the people you judge.
    If you have a problem, it’s YOUR problem. This doesn’t mean everyone around you have to change so you can feel better. Stop being so narcissistic. The world doesn’t revolve around you.


    • Not no more.. maybe, however it was not too long ago when the fucking world did revolve around us. How about that for thought. 400 years the world revolved around us when we were slaving,cooking your food and raising yours kids, being yall sex slaves, doing all the labor while you lazy bastards sat around and gave orders. oh now not even 100 years later here you are acting like there are no results to be seen and felt. And act like you bastards don’t have a natural born advantage because of it. As if african slavery wasnt the biggest fucking business in the history of humanity and you fucker are collecting residuals.


  9. Y’all stupid, “whites are going to think of you as just another nigger no matter how much success or $ you have”. That’s so STUPID! You saying all whites are racist and your statement is racist. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Have faith in whites. Not all will be for you, but not everyone in the world is going to be for you are they?! Just do you! Learn to be the bigger person in every situation and just pray If they act racist or show stupidity.

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  10. is this some sort of black Supremacist group, disguise as black empowerment which failed miserably and become self hating losers…..

    I don’t want your negative perception towards my black african americans friends who are perfectly fine and don’t need to be the victims of a delusional abstract belief that’s gonna get black people….


  11. I agree. Blacks and whites should not mix.

    No, for the solution, which is obvious. Go to live in a country full of people of the same race.

    Blacks go back to Africa, where they will be happier and more physically suited to the environment, and whites leave African and return to Europe.

    Put your money where your mouth is. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


    • Interesting angle. All races should return to their countries of origin. Would all white Americans return to Europe too then? Leaving the indigenous Americans to live peacefully in their ancestral lands?

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      • I’m a mixed Celtic/Sephardic Berber, who has had the great misfortune of being stuck in Essex, UK (through circumstance, not choice). There’s a town here, Billericay, which is where a lot of the Mayflower Ship passengers came from. Essex is the ‘land of the East Saxons’. The people here are a bunch of inbred dumbs**ts. I can imagine the type of people who got off the Mayflower and starting stealing the land off the Native Americans. There’s a UK TV show called ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (equivalent of ‘Jersey Shore?’) which just takes the p*** out of Essex people… PLEASE watch a clip on YouTube, to understand where the dumb mentality of the ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestant’ USA ‘W.A.S.P’s’ came from (by watching their distant Essex cousins). Oh yeah… the ancestors of George Bush came from Essex too (explains everything!).


  12. I found #14 to be problematic. What does a black womans love/hate for a black man have to do with her self respect. Take accountability for the fact that black women have been abused and discarded by black men. If a black woman has disdain towards black men then this is why. If you’re going to tell the truth, then tell the WHOLE truth.

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    • The most innocent people in the whole wide world are Black women. All of the s*** that’s happened in world history has been a result of the rise (in the ancient world) of white male supremacy… if you get a chance, please read Professor Lucia Chiavola-Birnbaum (Berkeley University). Also, the key to world peace is to remind EVERY person alive today on Earth, that we ALL came from 1 Black African woman (Mitochondrial Eve = the 10,000th great-grandmother of EVERYONE). Also, if you look at the DNA of the skeletal remains of ‘La Brana Man’ (found in Spain, dating back to around 5000 BC), it is only until very recently, in the history of the world, that the albino mutation in Europeans became more widespread (and the ‘norm’ in Europe)… ‘La Brana Man’ proves that Europeans, 7000 years ago, still had the black hair and black skin, of their Out of Africa ancestors – but were carrying (and passing on, more and more) an albino mutation gene (proved by the ocular albinism shown in ‘La Brana Man’s’ blue eyes). White women are guilty of selling out to white male supremacy, because they wouldn’t stand up to these men (either because of fear of violent retaliation – or because they started manipulating white male ‘pride’ to enhance their own financial benefit etc). Men of colour, in certain countries of the world (e.g. Middle Eastern) started selling out, in favour of male supremacy, to boost their own status (to the detriment of women). I repeat, the most innocent people in the world are Black women. Also, if you look at Indigenous cultures (who have struggled to maintain the original ways of the world, in the face of violent opposition from white male supremist Western culture), they tend to still be Matriarchial – which results in peaceful living, respect and care for the environment, and non-existence of domestic violence (Indigenous tribes are still Black – therefore, Black culture IS supreme… be proud of your DNA… be proud of who you are). I say this as the most albino pale person I know – my own spiritual awakening only started after (accidentally) hearing about ‘Kemet’ (which I’d never heard of, because the truth of Afrocentric history is completely hidden from Brits). I owe it to Black people for telling the truth about their Kemetic history. PLEASE don’t stop telling the truth. Peace.


  13. This is stupid. No, I’m not African-American but I do come from a line of slaves — I’m Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Brazilian. You have plenty of friends/allies in the world, you’re looking at one right here. Not all white people are terrible. And not all white people want slavery. The farther your distance yourself from the rest of society, evidently, the farther on the outside you will be. What should be discussed is how to obtain peace WITHIN YOURSELF so you can then project it out into the world. There is only one race and that’s the HUMAN race. If you treat yourself as the outsider you will be treated as the outsider.

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  14. What about ourselves…and learn how to LOVE ourselves truly then love for all brothers and sisters BLACK! Don’t need to include white… they’re part of the problem okay…but not the solution…so stop focus on them…


  15. ACCORDING TO Rushton’s Race, Evolution, and Behavior fully modern Homo sapiens emerged in Africa 200,000 years ago. 100,000 years ago, a small group of Africans had a sudden urge to head north. This small group inhabited the rest of the world, with minimal contact with the rest of the Africans who stayed in Africa. Forty thousand years ago, the Caucasoid race broke off from the Mongoloid race.

    This means the entire world outside of Africa is largely related, descended from one small tribe of perhaps a few hundred or a thousand. This tribe was obviously already unique, in that it alone had the intrepidity and determination to head north and conquer the world. We, the descendants of this unique tribe, have afterwards been evolving under extremely different, more challenging environments for the last 100,000 years apart from the African race we left behind. 100,000 years under dramatically different environments from a dramatically different founding stock is a long time. Compare it to dogs:

    Dog Domestication and History

    “Dog history has been studied recently using mitochondrial DNA, which suggests that wolves and dogs split into different species around 100,000 years ago…”

    Another recent study suggests that the entire population of dogs today are descended from three females near China about 15,000 years ago.

    So, I’m going to stick my neck out and use the 13,000 year BC date as the probable date of domestication.

    This is a convenient parallel. Dogs also come from a bottleneck, they’ve also been genetically separate from wolves for 100,000 years, and they’ve also undergone different environmental pressures than their wolf counterparts. Just as the northern latitudes presented a unique environment for non-Blacks to grow up in, dogs were domesticated and evolved towards suiting human needs instead of wolf needs. No one on earth says dogs and wolves are the same species, even though it is possible for dogs to mate with wolves and have fertile offspring. The genetic differences are vast enough, the phenotypic differences in looks, behavior, and personality are great enough, that everyone instinctively recognizes dogs and wolves are different species now.

    Why then are Blacks considered human? Why are Blacks and non-Blacks considered part of the same species? We could not look more different, act more different, or have more different personalities than them. There is a vast genetic divergence between Blacks and non-Blacks dating back 100,000 years. And even though Blacks and non-Blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not.

    Phenotypic Variations Between Blacks and Non-Blacks

    Blacks have wide noses, kinky hair, black skin, high waist-to-hip ratios, prognathic jaws, long arms, and soulless, vacant eyes. Everything about them is ugly.

    Blacks have the lowest IQ in the world (ignoring the equally disgusting and black-skinned Australian aborigines for convenience’s sake). The Bushmen clock in at around 50 IQ, the average Bantu achieves the mentally retarded level of 70 IQ, and the highly cultivated, well fed, well cared for, partially White African-Americans reach 85 IQ. IQ has an enormous impact on lifestyle, achievement, and behavior. IQ correlates to poverty, crime, mortality, and broken homes on one side — and education, wealth, human accomplishment, long life and stable homes on the other. According to IQ and the Wealth of Nations, a country must have a minimum average IQ of 90 to run a technological civilization. It is not a far cry to say it is IQ that makes humans better than the animals, and it is IQ that makes some humans better than other humans.

    That’s not all though. Blacks are unique in that when we arrived, they had no written language, no wheel, no architectural works, nothing at all that would indicate they live a human existence. Whereas literature and palaces and cities existed in almost every corner of the earth, from the Incas to the Indians to the Persians to the Chinese to Stonehenge to Ankar Wat in Cambodia — nothing existed in Africa. For the past 100,000 years non-Blacks have been spreading across the globe, building pyramids and cities, developing new technology, domesticating animals and crops, covering themselves in finely decorated clothing, and living essentially human lives. Blacks, meanwhile, stayed nearly naked, self-mutilating, technology-less, with no domesticated animals, no written language, no wheel, no stone buildings, no metalworking, nothing.

    Virtually every other non-Black group came up with an admirable or at least interesting religion or philosophy which was recorded and taught to a priesthood. Indians had the Vedas and the Upanishads, Chinese had Confucianism, Daoism, and various sects of Buddhism. Europeans had Virgil, Horace, and Homer to write down their pagan religion, with Plato, Aristotle, and numberless other greats to record their philosophy. Even the Aztecs had a corpus of literature which was, unfortunately, burnt and destroyed by the Spanish invaders. Shintoism was developed in Japan, the epic of Gilgamesh was recorded in ancient Babylonian times, and Egypt authored the Book of the Dead. Only Black Africa (and assorted primitives in Australasia) hadn’t recorded or created any official religion or philosophy. Blacks still rely on voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, and animism with no particular pantheon of Gods, no priesthood, no anything that could develop them past superstition and barbarism.

    Today it is questionable what Blacks could achieve on their own, without the intervention of others giving to them all the things they could never produce or maintain themselves. Though we see Blacks walking around in business suits, speaking English, shooting guns, and making use of all sorts of non-Black generated goods and services and inventions and ideas and discoveries — none of them originate from the Black man. Without the continuous intervention of charity into Black Africa, it’s unknown whether they could even maintain what they have, or if they would simply regress back to mud huts the moment we left. All current Black civilization is in fact transplanted non-Black civilization. There is not as yet a single Black civilization on Earth that has independently developed and maintained its own technological and philosophical way of life. No Blacks have won any Nobel prizes in the hard sciences, Fields medals, or gotten any spot on a list of human accomplishment that would represent some major scientific or technological advancement for the world.

    Geography can be no excuse, because Blacks today live all across the world. Blacks in France, the UK, and the USA are given preferential treatment and access to college educations, and yet they still produce nothing. At the same time, Whites who lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe made them into decent, First World nations without a problem. There is nothing about the African continent inimical to modern life, it is simply the fact that it is populated by Blacks.

    Nor can some strange combination of bad luck and being separate from other civilizations explain Black underperformance. After all, Blacks have been connected to the outside world since the 1400s. They have had centuries to modernize and improve themselves in Africa with full access to modern knowledge and technology. In contrast, it took Japan about twenty years to modernize from a feudal Samurai culture to a fully modern industrial state which then took on and defeated Russia in 1900. Blacks have had centuries in the USA to do all sorts of human activities, immersed in White culture, knowledge, and technology. Instead all they do is riot, rape, steal, sell drugs, and demand more handouts from the government. Germany recovered from WWII in just ten years, becoming yet again a prosperous, powerful, and leading-edge modern civilization. Africans meanwhile cannot recover from ‘colonization,’ ’slavery,’ or ‘discrimination’ after centuries. Haiti has been an all-Black, independent, free state since the Napoleonic wars, 200 years ago. Even so, its lifestyle and standard of living perfectly matches that of darkest Africa. In those 200 years it hasn’t progressed an inch. In fact it has probably regressed since that time. Their neighbors in the Dominican Republic have immensely better statistics than them in all fields. Instead of a failed state, the Dominican Republic takes care of its people, has a working government, and doesn’t need charity. The difference? Their population is non-Black. All of the old, tired excuses are refuted by geography and history.

    The Black murder rate is nine times that of the White/Hispanic (combined!) murder rate. It is 36 times as high as the Asian murder rate. Blacks are the majority of AIDS cases and all other STDs, their STD rates are completely out of proportion to all other groups. Even homosexuals have a hard time keeping up with the Black STD rates. No ordinary healthy human has the sexual habits of the Black race. Whereas every other people on earth developed a family structure, Blacks still roam around aimlessly screwing everyone they meet and never staying to raise the child. Seventy percent of Black children in the USA are illegitimate. In Africa, women largely do all the work and raise the kids while the men commit crime or sit around chewing leaves or smoking something. Domestic violence among Blacks is atrocious. Rape is endemic. The human race does not act like this; their morals and habits are completely different.

    Good things can be said of virtually every group or civilization on earth. This is unsurprising, given the fact that everyone on earth is descended from the same small tribe that left Africa 100,000 years ago. East Asians are such decent, advanced people they are comparable to Whites. Unsurprisingly, they only diverged from the White race 40,000 years ago. There is only one group nothing good can be said about, there is only one group completely unrelated to the rest of the human race, and that is the Black African. There is enough genetic variation between Blacks and non-Blacks that any objective scientist, classifying us like they would classify various animal species, would label us different species. On one side humans, on the other Blacks. There is enough phenotypic, common sense variation, that again it is an insult to categorize Blacks among the human race. They are nothing like us and they never will be; they are worse in every way. Call them orcs, or trolls, devils, or whatever you like — they are not human.


  16. “White people are masters at The Brown vs. Brown Game”
    check your history ,brown people are masters at The Brown vs. Brown Game


  17. we kill each other because we cant kill the enemy! I like this point, we treat each other like shit because we cant do shit about the real people that caused the problems we are facing… Too much damages done in Africa. All the politicians do is cause more problems cos they cant do shit. Politics is still one of our problems.


  18. I am very impressed by most of the racist comments because the racist and hatred comments demonstrate how some people are extremely good at playing the mind games and trying to put other people down, but unfortunately not everyone falls for it as it even makes some to become stronger, wiser, smarter and even more intelligent than the racist commentators. I wonder if the non-black people get buried in a special dust (soil) when they die or is it the same earth dust that we all get buried? Any honest answer please, and no childish comments or mind games

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  19. All humans have one thing in common, and that is we all have the pupil in the middle of our eyes which gives us a precious sight and enables us to see the world but unfortunately the colour of the pupil is BLACK. Would you remove the pupil from your eye because it’s BLACK and replace it with a colour of your choice? Would you? If the answer is NO, then that means the colour BLACK or DARK is not all that bad. THINK ABOUT IT and let’s be true to ourselves

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  20. I realize it isn’t your fault that you are emotionally retarded, it’s genetic. You should seriously consider therapy. Seriously. Or suicide. Whichever.


  21. Wow youre rascist. Imagine im white and saying the saying same things against blacks. Any thing bad that happens to you. You deserve. You are abhorrent scum.


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