The Untold Truth About The History Of The African Slave Trade In America

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Before I begin this segment, I would like to recite a powerful relevant quote from my dear friend, comedian, author and long-time civil rights activist Mr. Dick Gregory, and that is –

“Truth does not have to be validated by ignorance!”


American industrialists recognized thatcompulsory public educationwas the most useful means to socially engineer the American population to suit the purposes of industrial capitalism.

Millions ofAborigines of the Americawere forced into thissocial engineering experimentthat resulted into rather a large complexity of fictional storytelling.

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12-cabinschool-14-wide.jpg.jpeg Aborigines in American Public School

This storytelling turned out to be ourmodernized educational system, and its background of malevolent intend cultivated and constructed the topic of American history, as nearly all of Americans were manipulated into believing it and stands by it still til this very day.


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