Why Does History Love To Hide The Story Of The American Holocaust Of 1921?

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In today’s society of America, it is called The Black Wall Street, but in the early 1900’s it was known as The Negro Wall Street. This nickname was given to the street called Greenwood Avenue of North Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Due to the complexity of segregation, copper-colored people, or rather Aborigines of America, were forced to shop, spend and live inside of a thirty-five square block radius only, in an area called the Greenwood District, where the dollar of the American Aborigines circulated for up to 13 months within their own community.

This methodology evolved into the production of multiple black owned and operated businesses that prospered tremendously. Singlehandedly becoming the most highly-favorable and well respected land in America. Admired by thousands, and consistently visited by millions of fellow Aborigines from all across the country.

The Untold Historical Account Of Oklahoma (1828-1900)

This land mass of Tulsa came a very long…

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