Black Love Starts….

Black love starts with the foundation being black. Because without the black woman there is no black power without the black woman there is no nation she does more than carry a nation she molds one into greatestness. Throughout generation’s black women have gave birth to powerful leaders. Without black men these next generation leaders cannot lead because we need each other to show that generation what it means to be a leader rather than a follower. You can be the example your child see. Black Women with Black men and Black Men with Black Women, each uplifting one another. No more thots or bitches, no more real niggas or gangstas. Return to God status because that’s what you are, become a God. Raise your first know your worth, know the struggles of our people, the pain and hurt. Love is the key to true black power, Love your brothers, Love your sisters, we are one big family in a nation that hates us. It’s time to rise.




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