The problem with Black people is that most of us want to be accepted by whites.

This is why when they recognize us for one inch or at least do something good for us, we are quick to celebrate. If Blacks could just focus on themselves and not worry about being in tune with whites, our mission to be a unified and advanced race will be a step closer. But how can you focus on yourself when you are too busy trying to be accepted by people who do not like you?Image result for african art

This is what I like about the Asians. The Asians were not accepted by whites but did they spend time begging for acceptances through marches, rallies, etc? No! They focused on themselves. This is why the Asians own a plethora in American society.  A plethora such as towns that are equipped with banks and businesses Blacks patronize the most.

Asians were not allowed to naturalize or gain citizenship until the 1940s. How do Blacks allow a group of people who were just as hated as them, become more successful in a country that never like the both of them. It is that begging and want to sing Khumbaya mentality that has kept us behind. The white people did not like Asians but the Asians were like fuck yall and went their way. Whites do not like Blacks, what do we do? Cry, march, and wait until the next time whites will recognize us such as the moment they put Tubman on money, or people like Misty Copeland moving up.

Do not get me wrong. All of the marching in the sixties bought us rights, but this is a new era. We have rights and freedom now. So to continue to beg and focus on acceptance is a waste of went down in sixties. Use that privilege our people obtained to do better. Stop begging and for once do what the Asians did which is fight white supremacy through economics and ethnic unity.




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