No Justice No Peace: Asserting A Black Perspective of Contemporary White America

Whispers of a Womanist

This week in America has shocked some, scared most, angered others and left many with a series of inquiries. The murders of Alton Sterling, and Phillando Castile echo previous racial injustice seen in slain black bodies such as Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner , Freddie Gray and Mike Brown. However, this week’s tragedies occConstitutionurring just after July 4th or “Independence Day” perhaps could not be more appropriate. Every year fireworks light up the American sky to commemorate freedom. Yet, this “freedom” or “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in its past and present implementation, excluded black bodies with an indifference so ingrained in western mentality it goes largely unnoticed. Thus, what should be a time to reexamine the laws that continue to disenfranchise us remans veiled behind for liberties circumscribed from black existence.

The murders, happening hours after one another, prove that the Constitution and the American…

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