Empire or Imperialism?: A Review of Fox’s Empire

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Whispers of a Womanist

Infamously attributed to airing racist propaganda, Empire seemingly emerges from the same liberal promise of Fox’s daytime talk show The Real. In issuing black faces of opportunity, Fox appears dedicated to alleviating its negative stigma. However, in the continued pattern of creating and casting of blacks in stereotypical roles, their efforts fall short.

Empire centers on Luscious Lyon’s rags to riches story. As a young, impoverished child, Lyon (played by Terrance Howard)  sells drugs to satiate his hunger. While music served as a key escape for an undesirable disposition, drug money would prove foundational in establishing his empire.

This rags to riches story, depicts the exchange of socioeconomic poverty for impoverished morality. Empire personifies this poverty reversal  in dissolving matrimony and maternity (among other familial bonds) in exchange for wealth. Empire depicts the “hood” as an unshakeable affiliation, that not even the most flawless diamond can sever.

These lines depict Empire

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