Why Did You Have Children?


Society really has normalized the very tragic dynamic of having children and then barely seeing them. So when people who are caught up in the human hamster wheel cycle, come across those who spend most of their time with their own children, plus teaches them outside of the school system, most people still find that shocking and unheard of. lol
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It is very much true that most people follow the society norm from the moment the child is born. Vaccinations, then infants are put into daycares with strangers, then later on preschool, then later on the K-12 programming institutions, then college or military. It’s a non stop motion of being sent away from birth on up, then people act shocked as to why most children and parents are never able to form a close connection of actually knowing each other. The most that many people know about their children is dependent upon the behavioral assessments and grade reports from outsiders. Also the way that many people feel about their children is dependent upon what grades and institutional accolades they accumulate, which is absolutely sad. Be honest within yourself about if you are viewing your children through your own inner eye or through the lie of the system. Children instinctively know if they aren’t cared about beyond the rat race and beyond the outer world of chasing “success”.




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