Mutually Submit To Each Other


Too many women and men have an issue with submitting to truly getting to know each other, so they waste time having on the surface shallow dates, scripted safe conversations and meaningless sexual encounters. When you bare your soul and don’t hide behind compartmentalized layers of inner/outer masks, that is when people can truly start to connect. Many individual’s put on a whole theatrics style of production to keep each other interested via their looks, what labels they are wearing, what car they drive, exchanging sexual sensations, telling each other what they want to hear and playing a role. When it comes to the vital aspect of what’s within a person’s mind and what they are exuding spiritually, through their aura, most people draw a blank and are unable to see into each other.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
There is a major fear blockage, a dynamic of humans holding onto the false self to the tragic point of not exploring the depths of themselves, to then have the ability and interest in exploring someone else. It’s a very fulfilling experience to continually submit to your true essence beyond the surface world and to mutually share that genuine vibration…Indulge in cosmic relation.




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