Have Some Standards


There is something very wrong with men who loosely offer their penis to everyone, as if they just got it yesterday and must freely test it out. lol. If a man doesn’t need to first have a deep productive connection to the woman and is just seeking to be inside of her to get himself off, then that should let her know he has a pattern of destructively chasing physical sensations. When he enters inside of the woman, he will be leaving low frequency residue and the magnetic energy imprint of all the other disconnected holes he has traveled inside of and she will experience the ills from everything his penis hole has absorbed. A man with no standards doesn’t have respect for himself, so he definitely isn’t capable of respecting a woman…Indulge in high frequency enter-course only.






2 thoughts on “Have Some Standards

  1. Ouch! that hurts and yet it’s the truth. Showing of with your manhood to protect your ego is low. I call it male pressure to compete in a low life marathon as who screwed the most ladies


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