Have Sex First, Ask Questions Later?


I still don’t grasp the common foolish shenanigans of women having sex with a man, then later on asking silly questions like “what are we?” or “do you love me?” or “are we exclusive?”.
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It truly does shock me that many women still think sexual interaction is a productive way to get a man to like them. Anyone is capable of making anyone feel good sexually, that is no sort of conundrum and doesn’t signify the individuals will want each other beyond genital stimulation/body penetration.
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When you want to deeply create, connect and solidify a meaningful mutual bond, never lead with sexual interaction. Sexual attraction is going to always exist in the world, but it’s wise to not act on it as the primary communication. A woman will always have a healthy self-esteem if she leads with her mind and is known and appreciated for that aspect, beyond anything else. When the man spiritually enjoys the woman’s aura, is elevated by what she naturally exudes, feels at peace around her, the woman will glow even more. Overall, a woman’s happiest dynamic with a man, is when she knows the frequency memory codes of her essence is encoded in his heart. Women go crazy and grow bitter about feeling used, yet continue to offer their body and sexuality as the main course. Stop playing shallow games and feed the man intellectually and spiritually. Observe if it’s mutual, because when you mutually merge in that way, your hearts will simultaneously be bonded to each other and you will always be confident in what you are to him, it won’t ever be a mystery. His muse, his best friend, his precious love…Unleash the greatest aspects of yourself that you want to be predominantly looked to as.


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