Do You Beat Your Children/Were You Beat As A Child? Multigenerational Abuse


I hope adults start grasping that children are people too. I express that because answer honestly…Do adults want to be “hit, spanked, beat” if someone more physically powerful thinks it’s warranted?

Adults view themselves as people, but most adults don’t view children as people who have thoughts, feelings, emotions, stress, a soul, etc. Children aren’t robots, they are not accessories, they are people that do respond very well to communication, dependent upon the depth of which the adult can relate and communicate with the child. I see adults that get hot tempered when they lack effective verbal communication skills.
Then oddly many adults will try to say losing ones temper/inner balance isn’t what triggers them to strike, pinch, hit or beat their child. Many people beat their child and then wonder why other people will beat up the child via school and other social settings, or the child will turn into a bully that beats up children, to unleash aggression and pain they are forced to keep inside while being hit by adults. With your tone of voice and with the way you physically interact with your children, you are setting the base point foundation for their self esteem.

Society is so sad and pitiful sometimes, many people think it’s a parental injustice if a child isn’t accustomed to being hit, beat and full of fear. Humans have normalized violence. I have always educated my children in very deep detail that no one is allowed to hit them at all, that goes for me, that goes for relatives, that goes for their friends, that goes for any future relationship they will have with others. They have a firm foundation and a high self esteem of knowing being hit is not normal and to not ever tolerate it from anyone.

I only enjoy observing children have a pure happy innocent vibe, sadly many children are being robbed of that high frequency experience and are being implanted with anger, fear, anxiety, aggression…It starts in the home.




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