College Loans, Debt & No Career?


Many young people are sold a systematic dream, that just drains their energy, and starts them off on a long life cycle of owing money and have no substantial gain that was worth all their wasted years in a 4 year college.

Then lots of people end up depressed because they assume they are guaranteed some type of position after graduation. Half the time people could avoid the entrapment by skipping all the made up hype and go to technical school, trade school, be self taught, accumulate training that’s directly connected to what you actually want to do in life.

Also networking and having great socializing skills is a must in life, you can secure positions by knowing your craft & by having friends in hiring positions. When it comes to freely doing your own thing, working for yourself, you still have to work with people in terms of whatever service you are providing for them, so there is no escaping the fact of it being vitally wise to master the skills of being expressive, confident, knowing how to converse and direct energy.

Too many people leave college and are so filled with a clutter of manufactured nonsense information, that they become so inauthentic, robotic vibe, detached from what their true passions are. Some tragic humor is when people end up spending all that money on college and being in deep debt, just to spend most of their life working at target, red lobster, starbucks. lol. It happens more often than humans like to admit, being swindled by the system to be in financial debt for no good reason to these college corporation institutions.



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