Happy Mother’s Day


Regardless of who else is involved, the mother is the immediate consultant, the immediate protective presence. Whatever happens to the child, all eyes first turn to her. As a new, inexperienced, dependent and vulnerable student in this world, the child clings to her mother.


She walks half within and half outside her shadow, never reaching too far into the unprotected unknown. The child understands that there are no limits in this world to the power of her mother’s love, as long as the hem of her loppa (skirt) is within reach. This proximity insures the mother of her primary role and responsibility as first teacher. The father, who is equally responsible for the health and welfare of the child, is the much broader communal security umbrella.


His presence gives the child a reassuring feeling of having her protection extended beyond her mother’s reach to the physical boundaries of the community and even possibly beyond. It is his presence which allows the child to feel physically and psychologically comfortable enough to play, learn and work oblivious to fear. The mother that once provided an internal womb for her to grow in now extends her protective arm of influence out far enough to shield the child to whatever distance she can comfortably gaze and quickly reach.


As he did for the mother before, during and after her pregnancy, the father now also does for their child[dren]. He safeguards their communal womb.

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