Spirituality, Sexuality, and The Chakra System

Question: Please, if you can do something one day on Spirituality and Sexuality/sensuality/sexual urges. I’m having trouble getting my mind around these (to me) opposites (it’s like I feel that to be spiritual, you cannot get involved/think about sex). I’m confused! 
Answer: Amazing actually….I awoke this morning with information that I was to speak on this subject! Sometimes I sit on the spiritual “suggestions” I receive for a while, but I know when I get a direct message like this in my mailbox that I need to address it.
First of all, sexuality is a huge part of our human/spirtual BEING. Sexual energy is POWERFUL, and for me an orgasm is the closest thing I can describe to the feeling of union with our God Self. When all of our chakras are purified enough for divine energy to flow through each one of them, our crown chakra and higher chakras open and expand and a powerful euphoric blissful energy flows through our entire being. It is pure ecstasy……orgasmic, but not orgasmic in only the lower chakras, but it is a full chakra orgasm based on pure unconditional love. It is lovingly expansive, and will change you forever. 
Many of us have a lot of distorted sexual beliefs….we have been told that our sexual parts are bad. Many of us hate our sexual organs, and because of this we have shut them down. We don’t enjoy sex OR we have become so distorted that we are destructive in our sexual energy using it to control and take dominion over others. I can not stress how important a balanced sexual life is for each and everyone of us. We need to learn how to use our sexual energy appropriately in a balanced ~ loving way, and that does not have anything to do with being straight or gay as none of us are really male or female anyway…. our truth is androgynous. 
Some of the straightest people you will ever meet are the most distorted in their sexual energy. It has nothing to do with gay or straight it has everything to do with our level of intention, energy, love and interest in sharing our sexual energy with someone we truly love and respect. Sex should be done with love and respect ~ there are no other rules…..everything else is just beliefs and details….we have free will, and can do anything we want as long as it is in mutual, respectful, consent ~ always done with love and appreciation for the other soul and their well being. 
All of our seven chakras need to be utilized and balanced….we can not shut down any one of them, because as soon as we do ~ we fragment ourselves and keep ourselves from being whole: 
ROOT: Feeling Safe, Supported, Grounded, Authentically Real, Having Trust, BEING SEXUAL….The Root Chakra holds the form of “THE BODY OF GOD”…..Our bodies are sexual and have desires, it is up to us to build and create a strong sexual foundation.
SACRAL: Procreation (if that is what you want), Sexuality, Creativity (are you bored in your sex life?), Desire, Vitality, Emotions (are you emotionally connected to your partner?)…..Honesty, “The Sacral Is The Will Of God”……are you using your will to create what you want? Are your desires fulfilled? If not ~ you need to address them! Your desires are important!
Solar Plexus: Self-Control, Responsible, Playful and Spontaneous, Able to Speak Truth And Set Boundaries……it is in this chakra where power plays and ego can be abused. We can use our Solar Plexus as a powerful sexual tool, but we need to be very careful that we are not asserting our sexual power over others~ our partners need to agree to our spontaneous NATURAL desires for sexual interactions. For women in particular, we need to use this power to make sure our sexual needs are met! The Solar Plexus carries the energies of “The Hand Of God”.
Heart Chakra: Expression of Oneness, Honesty, Healthy Relationships, Balance Of Giving And Receiving…..If you are having sex with people you do not love this is a MAJOR distortion of your sexual energy. LOVE is very important in the sexual act…if you are having sex without the energy of the heart chakra you are grossly distorting your entire energetic system, and all three of your lower chakras will be blocked from a higher spiritual energy coming in. You must also LOVE yourself ~ if you are having sex to receive love from someone who does not love you …..you will never find the love you seek ~ you will block it! The heart chakra carries the energies of “The Heart Of God”
Throat Chakra: Clear, Truthful Communication….Able To Express Feelings Through Words ~ Express Creativity! Also “YOU ARE A GOOD LISTENER” ~ you are willing to hear the needs of your partner. It is in this chakra that you must tell your partner what you like and what you desire ~ you must also be receptive to your partner! Otherwise, you will block it. The Throat chakra carries the energies of “The Voice Of God”.
Spiritual Eye: Intuition, Imagination, Discernment, Able to Visualize, CLEAR SEEING, Inner Knowingness, Able to See Others As Divine ~ ONENESS….This Is “The Eye Of God”. When we use this chakra properly in sex we are attaining a state of unification with another soul….we are able to “SEE THEM” ~ “SEE THEIR TRUTH ~ Their LIGHT!”
Crown Chakra: BLISS, Expanded Consciousness, Transcendence, Deep Understanding, Spiritual Energy….it is this chakra when combined with the rising of the sexual energy in a balanced full chakra way that we can reach heightened altered states…..the bliss of Shiva / Shakti….oneness with another soul and unification of God/Goddess within. ~ Tantra. Crown Chakra carries the energies of SPIRIT!
Sex is important, good sex is even more important…..if you cut off your sexual energy, you cut off the flow of additional life force energies. Sex is the energy of creation ~ it is life force. Whether you are able to have children or not (it doesn’t matter) sex still carries the powerful energies of life force. Utilize it, have fun with it, honor and respect it. Create a good sex life for your self ~ you are in control. 
~ Blessings

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