The spirit of the Igbo


#IgboLanding, the day Igbos revolted against slavery in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

The Igbo had been captured in late 1802 in Igbo land by a notorious underworld clan from the Arochukwu community. Through arrangements made by a broker at a Gulf of Guinea seaport, they were delivered to a waiting sea vessel a slave ship called “The Wanderer” which brought them to Skidaway Island, just south of Savannah, Georgia.

They boarded the Igbo captives aboard the schooner York carrying the Igbo to its landing place on the bluff of Dunbar Creek in mid May 1803. It was there that the Igbo rebelled. Under the direction of a high Igbo official reportedly a woman who was among them, the Igbo went ashore, singing an Igbo hymn “Orimiri Omambala bu anyi bia. Orimiri Omambala ka anyi ga ejina.” (The Water Spirit Omambala brought us. The Water Spirit Omambala will carry us home.) and walked in unison into the creek.


Many Igbos drowned, accepting the protection of their God, Chukwu, and death over the alternative of slavery. Survivors were taken to Sapelo Island and Cannon’s Point on St. Simons Island where they passed on their recollections of the event to their children. Through the Igbo’s descendants in the Harrington community on St. Simons Island and the eye-witness accounts of the survivors, the story had become the legend of Igbo Landing.

Top picture:  Superstar, #Beyonce re-acts igbo landing in one of her lemonade clips. Bottom picture: Donovan’s Nelson sketch of Igbo landing. Information taken from Taken from: Taken from


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