Response to the Christians who have seperated themselves from the pro-Black movement.

One thing with some Black Christians is they fail to realize that racists do not give a damn about your status as a Christian. When it comes to practicing racism and white supremacy, Whites engaging in these forms of oppression are not going to exempt Blacks who are Christians. No matter how born again-speak in tongues of a christians you are, you will always been seen as a nigger and racially maltreated.


Racists did not care that Blacks were Christians and still treated Black Christians like animals. On top of that churches owned by Blacks were bombed by racists; most recently shot up by racists (Mother Emmanual in Charleston). Today some white people cannot stand to worship with Black Christians which is why most Black churches are predominantly Black. And studying history, this is why the Black church was formed. So why think that because you are a Christian you are free from the oppression pro-Black organizations are opposing? Why be silent about the issues at hand?


We gotta do better and stop letting our religion seperate us. You do not have to agree with everything the pro-Black and other justice movements are doing, but do not let that disagreement dismantle the unity and cause. I say this not spontaneously. I say this because I have dealt with some christians who do not care about what is going on, and only seem to post about Jesus during these time of racial tension.

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