Every ancient culture saw the heavens as the black woman’s womb.


In fact all deities in every culture are the thoughts of the supreme being, we called her today our triple dark mother. They’re not one universe, there are many other universes distinct from this one. This universe however were hijacked by other supreme beings. The actual truth of the matter is that all supreme beings are a family one way or the other. The intentions of creation was a world filled with many life forms free from physical bondages. Do not think of bondage or evil like what you were told. Evil is necessary, evil and good are of the same substance.

Think of the universes as One Sound, when that sound is manifested into a form of reality, it appears to be a different tone but it’s the same flute. The substance of evil and good are called by many tones such as: El Kuluwm, Tempta, Illyum, Orion, The All, Logos, God, Duat, Nukta, Ying/Yang, Prime Creator, etc

Earth as in the ground you walk on is a masculine energy, the contents surrounding it are female. Both two work together to procreate life. When we refer to our planet as Mother Earth, we’re speaking of the Soul of our planet.





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