MLK hero or sell out?


He is single handedly responsible for leading the biggest movement and marches of people enduring being spit on, objects thrown at them, being called extremely vulgar names. I feel like he strategically influenced mass amounts of black people to be very enduring, to peacefully endure all sorts of cruel conditions that go against the inherent nature to fight back and reject such treatment. Notice how black folks were then even letting their children endure all that type of torture as well, being attacked with fire hydrant hoses, being bit up by police dog’s, forcing the children into all white schools to be physically and verbally attacked. Imagine the type of submissive subdued mindset that would peacefully endure all that torture, imagine what type of subdued adults would let their children endure all of that. For what reason exactly? Just to be able to say we get to be amongst white folks in their establishments within their system?

It’s absolutely tragic and the black folks back in the day really messed up, they really put the future generations in a horrible position, the same subservient position and rigged conditions that black people are still marching and protesting about in 2015. Let me tell you the raw reality and never forget it. If another group/species of beings are bullying huemans and the huemans don’t swiftly inherently fight back, then those beings know they have conquered you. Those beings are supposed to be so afraid of your reaction that they wouldn’t dare even think about attempting to disrupt your existence. The fear of your wrath should be so embedded in them. Now I surely don’t blame those beings for not being afraid of the wrath of huemans, especially when huemans have been suppressed by black leaders of the past who believed in being passive, while chanting slave hymns like “We shall overcome, God almighty, we shall overcome”. Have we “overcome”? LOL. Clearly not and “God” has absolutely nothing to do with it. That’s all you, don’t pretend that some sort of God told black people to endure anything. My type of God would already know me, would already know I am blood thirsty when need be and that I don’t mind hurting anyone who is trying to interfere with my inherent freedom. My kind of God would be like, do what you have to do, I have your back. Brainwashed black folks always admit that their type of God is an oppressor and is on the side of oppression. No, No, No…Get your mind right and analyze what type of spirituality you are into.


One thought on “MLK hero or sell out?

  1. Back in the 60’s I supported Malcolm X, H Rat Brown, that mind set led me to join the NOI simply because integration hadn’t done anything except assimilation. in my Roxbury community of Boston MA, I did not see equal opportunity. Along came “busing”, for what I really never understood. Integrate into what, with whom, and for what purpose ? that should have been the question. Having gone to Roxbury Community College and being in the Honor Society showed me that the Black children in my neighborhood were far behind the task of being competitive because too many of them were in remedial classes. How did I at age 40 do so well; and in the Honor Society with Latinos, African, and Caribbeans who were not at all persuaded by the ‘so-called’ need to integrate. There were only two more American Black in the Honor Society; but my point is that from the time of the 60’s to the late 1990’s, busing and integration had not produced any substantial improvement into the lives of people in my community. In fact, gentrification had become the order of the day, just because, most folks became comfortable with government subsidies for housing, and our younger generation adopted the ideas of ‘baby momma’ and ‘baby daddy’ which disintegrated family unity. I could go on forever. Just one more thing, selling of drugs only led to an increase of Black males being incarcerated; question-whose purpose does that serve? Yes, Black males had a choice- questions, what was the choice if further legitimate education was seemingly beyond your financial reach-what get a student loan, and hopefully graduate, and do what-compete with whom-in what company ? I may be age 65, but I admire some of the hip-hop artists who made their money, and used it to get their own companies and enterprises. Government jobs were another option; but not with a CORI-this comment could go on forever (Hey what came first, the chicken or the egg ? LOL. ) Peace, Love, and Prosperity, and most of all find your JOY and Prosper)


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