Is Your Sex A Humiliation Massacre?


It really is very fascinating to hear all the things that people openly talk about within society and I can say for a fact that many black people have lost their mind and are functioning as a hijacked entity. First of all black people in their original state of awareness and self control, are naturally very graceful refined highly intelligent spiritual beings. When you are connecting and exchanging high frequencies during sex, you want to see each other, you want to be able to look into each other’s eyes, you want to see each other smile, hear each other blissfully moan for more. It’s a merge of creating together, your frequencies will create feelings, visuals, vibrations, inspiration, summoning of energies. You want to feel warmth. When you are disconnected from each other and having cold sex, you want to make the person scream, call each other obscene names, you don’t want to look into each other’s eyes, you want to bite, scratch, pound, leave marks on each other, use objects on each other like hot candle wax, ice, probes, etc. You want to desecrate each other into all the extremes and oddly derive pleasure from it. It shows within people’s decreased dim aura. Individuals that don’t like themselves and aren’t capable of liking each other, are into ruff painful disconnected sex and will use each other’s bodies to inflict and feel pain, it stems from some unresolved inner trauma and from people allowing themselves to be psychologically molded to mimick other species of people’s sadistic cave sex origins that are commonly displayed in entertainment, movies, pornography, books. Meaningful loving balanced healthy sex is…A mutual high frequency worship of utilizing the body to exchange nurturing vibrations.


One thought on “Is Your Sex A Humiliation Massacre?

  1. I truly concur with that assessment of that good’ole wholesome lovemaking that seems to missing in a lot of people’s sex life today.They don’t want to take the time to find out what ‘clicks’to get you in the zone,anymore. Now,its all about how can I stick it,split it,thank you for the ride,and be done with it!


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