Black People Were Strong Enough To Endure Slavery In America Because Of A God?

Why would your god want you to endure that, unless it is your oppressors god. I think it’s absolutely disgusting and odd when many black people declare such foolishness. Black people were able to endure vigorous physical torturous slave labor conditions strictly because of our DNA, the superior quality of our inner system and overall physical melanin body. Black people were able to endure vigorous psychological torture only after being stripped of our inherent spirituality, rituals, names, language, identity, ancestral connection, etc. It was never easy for black people to endure any of it, we are inherently extremely intelligent, warriors, high frequency energy transmitters, cosmic magnetically balanced. We vibrate at such a high frequency that the parasitic creature invaders are always continuously nervous, even back then they kept “cleansing” and trying to water down our bloodlines through endless genocide and more cruel tactics of assigning an approved of god as a way to keep black people distracted, in fear and blocked off from inwardly accessing our ancestral codes of communication. Ultimately it is the belief in the approved of god that kept black people so insanely ignorant and then in not so long ago past times of civil rights “leaders” who believed in that god-Black people were taught to want to integrate and blend in with a society of creatures who very much were still hanging, burning, beating, fire hosing, spitting, terrorizing black people and black people handed their own children over to that system of creatures to be “educated” by them. Hmmm, did that approved of god give black people strength or straight up stupidity and self hate? Now fast forward to present times and that useless made up god has still given black people the stupidity to still need to march, protest, beg for justice after enduring non-stop “legalized” slaughtering at the organized hands of the same creatures from back then who are re-birthed as their sadistic ancestors and they know you are re-birthed as your high frequency ancestors…That’s why they are still trying to “cleanse” us.



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One thought on “Black People Were Strong Enough To Endure Slavery In America Because Of A God?

  1. Every nationality of people have sat at the foot of the Black mans prowess and learnt from his omnipotence. They know that we are Great-Greater-and thee Greatest!Those are the reasons they fucks with us like that.”FACTS!


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