Are You In Love?


When it comes to relationships, what I have observed all throughout society and from the many conversations I have witnessed, most people don’t believe in being fully connected to another person. Women are always commonly told to never give a man your all, never give all of yourself. Men have some unspoken rule of never making a woman think he is into her too much, never be sprung. This is why, while in relationships most people never experience fully traveling into each other beyond shallow redundant predictable interactions of keeping surface layers of each other entertained and passing it off as love until they get bored with each other and stay for familiar convenience or they move onto the next surface entertainment. Two individuals can never truly relate until they are mutually willing to be in love with each other, being open, inward eyes wide open, not running scared, facing each other’s inner layers, exchanging the deepest aspects that are usually hidden and navigating through it all together. Relation-Ship, a willingness to continually direct your energy like a spaceship and travel into someone else’s inner planet, because everyone is a world within themselves. When individuals are synchronously in love, they want to…Mutually be fully encompassed in each other.


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