If the people truly new and understood the reason and purpose of the black church in America they would think twice about giving their time, energy and money to that which been designed to control them and keep them a good old servant. Let’s get some info on this to establish a solid foundation to the claims and statements made. Keep in mind Psalms 127:1.
Now in 1493 there was a priest by the name of Father Juan Perez who accompanied Columbus on his second expedition to the islands and what is now known as North and South America. With orders from the Queen of Spain they set out and begun to Christianize those dark skinned Indigenous people. They imposed their religion and beliefs onto their people and those who refused were murdered instantly not sparing no one not even children or even those women that were pregnant. They would even go as far as killing the mother and cutting out the baby out of the womb and killing that little fetus (baby). Those that converted by forced was recorded as Catholics (Christians). Then the first mass (church) was established in the Americas. Does this sounds like the building an assembly for the Most High?
More voyagers over the next several years begin to settle in the lands and begun to convert by force those people to their religion and enslaving them. By the 15th century the buying and selling of those people become more and more intriguing. Now as more and more of these dark skinned people were taken from their habitation, culture and their language they learned more of their owner’s religion and beliefs. Before then they new not none of what was being taught to them but the reason of this forced religion was not done out of love but out of controlling the people to comply to working for countless hours without food and water. Religion was to give those hopless servants something to look forward to in the next life and not to look for nothing in this present life. They were to serve willing their owners without raising up against them because they were taught because of the color of their skin they were a cursed people destined for servitude. They were taught this from their owner’s bible written in their owner’s language. This means that the people couldn’t read so they had to go by what they was being told. Forbidden from practicing their own culture, religion and language.
As time passed those people began to grow wearied. All the work they were doing and receiving harsh treatment and nothing in return. Those people began to seek for their freedom by anyway that they could think of to obtain it. Some would flee others raised up against their owners and this was a problem. The owners had to come up with a new approach. In 1594 there was a man by the name of John Smyth who was an ordained Anglican priest in England under the church of England. As he began to oppose the teachings of the COE he broke from them and began his own movement in which he taught the fully immersion of baptism and he taught that this is pictorially symbolic of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. So he along with Thomas Helwys founded the Baptist church in the 16th century.
During these times blacks were not permitted to congregate because the owners feared that they would plot an escape and they couldn’t have that so they were only permitted to congregate in the presence of their owner. As time began to dawn towards the 17th century the problem with the servants began to worsen and by the 17th century this news traveled and there was a man by the name of Willie Lynch heard of this and came to teach the owners of to control their servants. So in 1712 he Willie Lynch touched grown in Jamestown Virginia and gave his speech in which is know by the “Willie Lynch Letter or Speech”. (This is questionable)
To further control the servants so that they will not get out of control anymore they brought forth the Christian Black Codes in 1724. Lets take a look at some of these articles. Psalm 127:1
Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Article 2
Make it imperative on masters to impart religious instruction to their slaves.
Article 3
Permits the exercise of the Roman Catholics creed only, every other mode of worship is prohibited.
Article 4
Negroes placed under the direction or supervision of any other person than a Catholic, are liable to confiscation.



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