Modern-Day Slavery

There is a new modern-day slavery going on and many of us know nothing about it. Decades ago we were sold as slaves, but today we are selling ourselves for money and status, things that we value so much because of how severely deprived we were in the past. We spent so much time in the bondage of slavery, everyday deprived of our dignity and pride, degraded and made much to the point where today we are willing to do any and everything just to become the “boss” and to achieve the status quo, even sell our souls, which unbeknownst to us is of much greater value than any part of us that had ever been sold before and worth so much more than any amount of money a bidder could put up to own it. Just like during slavery times, women’s bodies are being sold (whether in physical or fantasy form).

We are mockeries, like the black women in history that were made to be like circus acts because of their unusual assets (thin wastes, wide hips, and protruding breasts and behinds), and we feel that we’ve “made it” once the cheap cost for our virtue has been paid and we’re not satisfied until the whole world sees our shame, making it easy for our oppressors, we yearn for the “exposure”, which further solidifies in their minds and ours that we are like savage animals, with no ability to reason or to see the reasons why this is all wrong. If we could only see, we would run in the opposite direction and never look back. We would rebel.
Think back in history, and visualize a group of black men and women, all naked. Standing like pieces of merchandise waiting to be bought for the price of a working animal. Women’s bodies exposed to show what they are good for. Think about these women and how their bodies were subjected to rape and beatings. They longed for the ability to have dominion over their own beings, but they were deprived of that right. Now that we have that right to make a choice, we willingly subject ourselves to the same treatment. The only difference is that our beatings are more mental and emotional as we lay down and conform to society and the media’s way of defining us. We have become everything they said we were over time. Our minds have been manipulated and now we believe that our value is in our sexuality.

Think back to a time when slaveowners forced some blacks to be in charge of others, and they were made to beat their inferiors when they didn’t meet the slaveowner’s expectations. They had to desensitize their emotions so that they couldn’t feel the excruciating pain of having to beat down another person who they would’ve otherwise protected had their very life not been threatened. Or forced to watch as other blacks were beaten, raped, and hung. Our feelings and emotions had to be cut off for our own survival’s sake and we are still desensitized to this day as we commit crime against each other willingly.
Violence is the norm in our culture because we endured through it for so long. Now, the violent portions of our souls are being sealed and solidified through  an array of validations from media puppets with black faces given high platforms in order to sell us a false sense of pride in “hood status”. But it’s time for us to gain our senses back and to reintroduce our compassions and emotions to a broken situation. Violence against one’s own is like self-mutilation, which is a practice of the Pagans. And it leads to yet another form of slavery, where we’re locked up in penitentiary cages.

 We are not our enemy, in fact we don’t even wrestle against flesh and blood, but against Satan and his well-disguised principalities. If we could open our eyes to reality, we’d see that we need to start caring again. To stop putting price tags on our souls, and start considering the wages of sin. It’s time for black men to start seeing the black woman as she truly is, not through the eyes of the slaveowners, but through the eyes of God himself. She is not an object to be bought, sold, and used, but she is a rare gem to be valued, protected, and cared for.

We are not inferior and we should value each other more than we value money and status. For those things themselves are the root of all evil and were the origin of our oppression. But it was the strength of our own people that brought us out of slavery. It was the clear mind and strong conviction of a few powerful black slaves that started a movement, that was a domino effect to other movements that would completely change our position in this world. But there is still one thing that needs to change, and that is our mentality. Satan is cunning. He knows that if he can manipulate and corrupt our minds, he can have control over every other part of us. His hand of control is everywhere: in the music we listen to, in the food we eat, in the shows and movies we watch, in social media, and even in the people we idolize and look up to. Time is out for compromising, following trends, making excuses, being double-minded, entertaining drama and negativity, indulging in lusts, and so many other things that if we would stop justifying, we’d clearly see the wrong in them. As long as these things have dominion over us, we are slaves to them. And the things of this world are controlled by Satan so in turn, so are we if we allow them to continue to taint our hearts and minds.

There is so much more to say about our history and its ties to the patterns of today, but the main thing to know is that at the end of the day its all a spiritual battle. God’s commands/laws are here to protect us, not to deprive us of our freedoms. In fact, the world’s interpretation of freedom is truly bondage in itself. Don’t believe it? Find an area in life where you have given in to sin and try changing it. It will not be easy. That’s why we need Christ to break the chains that bond us in sin. We need our minds to be transformed. This cannot happen if we keep allowing Satan ways into our minds. He’ll even use our own desires, fears, and insecurities as a means of manipulating us into destructive patterns not only to us, but to those around us, and even to the generations to come. So it’s important that we know the origins of our ways of being so that we can break bad cycles and continue to be progressive as a society.

Dear God,

I thank you for making me exactly the way I am: black, American, a woman, strong, and capable of making change in this world. I pray that we all come to a realization of two things: What needs to change and What we can do to change it. I pray that you would put a desire in us to look within ourselves and start within our own hearts and souls and work our way outward to positively effect the world around us. Open our eyes so that we can clearly see the patterns that we have allowed to go on for long enough, and give us the courage and the will to put an end to it. Transform our lives for the better and allow us to then spread awareness, break generational curses, and change our futures forever for the better. I pray that this blog was well received and understood by the person who read it and that it initiates the journey to a better understanding of the connection between our history and today’s time. Thank you God, for your wisdom and for the grace and mercy you have shown to us across generations. It is truly amazing what you have given us the strength to accomplish. All the glory and honor goes to you.



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