Today, the “gods” are called the Elite

Today, the “gods” are called the Elite (those that are known by some of the public, and those that are not). They even call themselves “gods,” and practice a religion which teaches that godhood is obtainable. A major portion of their power is derived from their control of information/knowledge, which they horde and only distribute as censored, molded information/knowledge designed to have a desired affect upon the consumer of that information/knowledge (the population). The totality of this consumed information/knowledge in a person’s mind (the sum of their beliefs) creates a reality, a reality crafted by the Elite, which mirrors the movie The Matrix (which is based on real life). No one knows what’s being done to them because they are born into it (it’s just life). They are born into a life where all their sources of information/knowledge – from parents, schools, and TV shows; to music, scientists, and books – are already controlled by the Elite, and are already distributing the desired information/knowledge. This remains a constant from birth to death. While having this false reality, the people unknowing work as slaves for the Elite, and their work actually powers the System which enslaves them. The Elite got the idea of this false reality, for the most part, from Plato’s The Cave. Plato seems to have gotten it from Egypt, or from Solon or Socrates who got it from Egypt, and before Egypt it was at Babylon (as you’ve seen). With the aid of modern technology and greater understanding, they’ve gone beyond just making savage man. They’ve created a reality for their savage men. The only way out of this reality, this Matrix, is to obtain the correct knowledge. Freemasonry offers a way out, and claims to be the only way out.

The Elite have countries set up in such a way that knowledge is virtually unobtainable, with the “higher knowledge” costing money and being locked behind college degrees. This knowledge that is locked behind degrees is knowledge that they have certified for the citizens, so it’s still select knowledge. On top of that, the knowledge is only for the citizens to work more, or work better. The only way for the citizens to gain true knowledge is to seek it themselves, but they can’t do this if they’re kept busy (work, school/indoctrination, etc.), distracted (which sometimes is their own fault), or are conditioned to not search, only sit back and receive.

You might think to yourself, “They give us free education in grade school.” This is true. But have you ever wondered why this is so? Have you ever wondered why it’s mandatory/compulsory – why you’re forced to go to grade school? Well, just like college, you’re being given select knowledge, and one of the main purposes is to make you into a worker. As one person brought up in the video, from grade school they ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And this question remains the central focus of your education throughout grade school. Most students even take a career evaluation assessment before graduation to see where they would best fit, which field they would be best suited for. And if you didn’t know, the Bee Movie was also about you.

Grade school is also where the desired, necessary transformations of the mind are made, along with the desired, necessary implantation of select beliefs pertaining to building of the false reality, and living life in the System. A more correct term for their schools would be “indoctrination centers”. If you research into the indoctrination done to Native Americans in early America you’ll see that what was later carried out on all Americans was not new.

The peonage and sharecropping systems of early America which enslaved Blacks in a new type of slavery, slavery by circumstances, slavery by debt, were later set up over the entire US population after the Elite’s (the Industrialists) Industrial Revolution. The Elite got the American people off of their farmlands, which they owned (abolition of property), and into suburbs and cities they created for them. In these created environments, the people have to work to gain “money” – the only thing that can be used to obtain needs and wants, goods and services, in the environment. And whereas before their job benefited them and their community directly, it now directly or indirectly benefits the Elite, the bankers and/or their associates. In this environment, the people pay a bank for a loan for a plot of land to live on. They pay a bank for a loan for a home to live in. They pay a bank for a loan to get a higher education to work at a “better job” (even the schools by which they obtain their higher education were created by the Elite). They pay a bank for a loan to have transportation to and from work and school. They pay a bank to store their money, and to be able to use their money in different ways in the environment. And the environment is set up so that each citizen needs a credit score and credit history. In other words, they have to borrow. And that seems to be the name of the game.

[With the Elite’s creation of the United Nations and it’s World Bank, along with central banks and commercial banks, they were able to enslave the countries of the world through debt.]


As stated, in this environment, the people need the banker’s “money” to obtain their needs and wants. One important need, in which the people actually relinquished control over, is food (production, and now even preparation). They don’t grow their own food, and no one in their community grows food; instead, they have to buy “food” from corporations, or stores that are owned and/or controlled by corporations, which are owned and/or controlled by the bankers and/or their associates. With this being the case, they need money, so they have to work (and work for a job that directly or indirectly benefits the Elite). And it’s the same for clothes, furniture, appliances, tools, and all – no one in their community makes them, they buy them from corporations, or stores that are owned and/or controlled by corporations, which are owned and/or controlled by the bankers and/or their associates. (The environment isn’t filled with independent merchant men competing against one another. This is only an illusion similar to the race for Presidency.) When it comes to their wants, the people in the environment are scientifically induced to spend their money on wants, which feel like needs, causing them to need more money. This in turn causes them to work more, or continue to work.


In the board game Monopoly, two or more people are competing against one another to obtain money, houses, and become landowners. For the entire duration of the competition there’s one entity in the shadows, not playing the game as the others, only supplying the fuel for the competition. That entity is the Bank. In the Elite’s environments, the central banks and the commercial banks run the country.


One thought on “Today, the “gods” are called the Elite

  1. Sister Adira:THIS ARTICLE IS VERY DEEP,,SISTER!!!.It reminds me of and is very similar to the pyramid that I’ve read in a Hebrew Israelite pamphlet I have.Keep up the good work of enlightening those who seek The Truth/Light!!-Bro./Elder Karriem, Atlanta,GA


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