Michael Jacksons tarnished legacy


The female in this picture is Paris Jackson aka one of Michael Jackson’s 3 White children. Micheal Jackson was raised by 2 Black parents and was blessed with the Afrikan gift of dancing, singing, writing etc. He parlayed that into MILLIONS of dollars only to adopt 3 European children and passed his wealth to them and from them that wealth will go to other White people like the one in this picture. Paris gets 8 million annually in a trust fund. I’m sure the cracka in the picture is having fun spending MJ’s money on drugs and other stupid ish. We are the only race on the planet who transfers our wealth right back to the European. A Black woman and Black children should have inherited MJ’s wealth but this is what self-hate gets you.




2 thoughts on “Michael Jacksons tarnished legacy

  1. Well said. And this bitch of his legal daughter tries to manipulate the people saying she is half black! She is gonna marry a white man, they will have white kids etc, and that’s it! MJ cut off his bloodline! He had so much talent and he didn’t want to pass down his biological kids yet he adopted these three whites! Fucking irony.


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