Sharing Unified Love.

There are many forms of healing.

From the esoteric teachings of a Medical Doctor to the Esoteric teachings of a Spiritual healer. One of the great Mysteries of the Spirit is we all have unique and differing healing capacities. Putting it simply One hat does not fit all. The often not discussed healing capacity of a Holistic relationship is not looked into or even raised.

Two partners when in a congruent and fluid intimate relationship can both heal each other of many differing ailments.

When synchronized a healthy relationship leaves you feeling just like that HEALTHY. This flows into all areas of your life as you share the beauty of each others soul in an ordained way. This is when the spirits unite and the doorways of love flow enthusiastically into your life. This allows your cells to sing and all biological functions become fluid as you live a life of Right activity,Right thinking and Right living. Conversely the opposite is true.

A relationship that is unhealthy for you does exactly the opposite. Strife arguments and disarray are the product of a dysfunctional
relationship. Many hold on convincing themselves wrong is right and there is only one end DISEASE.

Life is short and to continually persuade yourself otherwise is going against your soul as your Mind battles for what it wants This is not rocket science you know what is right and what is wrong how…….It’s what you feel….Rythmic liqiudity or unharmonic disarray it’s quite simple.




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