On Rape and Blame – The Bill Cosby Situation

The Cosby situation has really brought to surface many really fucked up attitudes and views may Black men and women, especially so-called Conscious Black men; have about Rape.

I mean, I’m having to go over the most basic understandings about rape to supposedly educated conscious Black men, and women; and that’s a fucking problem.

As a man who worked in level one trauma centers for years, where I would see the (immediate) aftermath of rape on weekly basis; a man who volunteered with Stop the Violence Coalition for years which targeted Sexual and Domestic Violence; allow me to inform you ignorant individuals that THERE IS NO SINGLE PROFILE OF A RAPE VICTIM.

That means that women who follow all of your fucked up, and Sexist rules for women still get raped. The women who dress “respectably,” who don’t drink, who don’t go out at night still get raped. Women who are “good” according to yall fucked up Puritanical morality and Victorian Era values still get raped.

There’s no such thing as good rape victims and bad rape victims; they are all rape victims!

I’ve seen cases were 80+ year old, church going, great grandmothers were raped. Nursing home patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease were raped. Children who have not reach sexual maturity were raped. So fuck you if you think rape is about sex, sexual attraction, or something the victim did or failed to do.

Women, men, and children have been raped in church, while in police custody, while bring treated in hospitals, while attending elite schools, while enlisted in the US military. Sober women are raped all the time! Where the fuck can a woman (or men) go in this system and be safe from Rape?

How you dress is not the cause of rape.

A women dressed like a “slut” will not transform a non-rapist into a rapist, and a women dressed like a “nun” will not transform a rapist into a non-rapist; so stop telling women that it will, because you are making women even more vulnerable to rape not less by telling them how they dress will control the behavior of a rapist. That is a lie!

Rape is a crime that rest exclusively on the Rapist, and aside from targeting the Rapist, and Rape Culture, there’s little else you can do to end or reduce rape.

In fact, when Rapist are interviewed they often admit that they target women they see as meek, weak, vulnerable, and quite women, the kinda women yall think are good, holy, moral, and appropriate; because they seem like easy marks. Unlike unruly, misbehaving women. Ultimately, rapist are opportunistic, and will rape anyone they think they can get away with raping, regardless of how they are dressed.

Remember, Officer Holtzclaw fucking raped a grandmother!

So, again, fuck you if you suggest that how a woman was dressed is to blame, or even contributed to her rape. Really, fuck you! In the name of all of the Black women who’ve been raped; I say fuck you. Rape victims are never to blame for their rape, ever, not in any way. Once stupid muthafuckas figure that out, we’ll finally be on the path of solving this problem.

It’s really sad that so many Black women are talking this bullshit (as well), when the rape of Black women is a cornerstone of American culture; yall should really know better. Not one of us have an ancestors (families) who’ve been spared the trauma of rape, we are all touched by rape, all of us. So Black people, most of all should know fucking better than to be talking the kinda bullshit we be talking about rape.

So, as I conclude allow me to say again: FUCK YOU, if you are talking that “if she wasn’t _____________, she would not have been raped,” or if you are talking that “rape victims share some responsibility for their rape.”

Now, I’m all for women training, arming themselves, and organizing against rape; but even if they don’t they are still not to be blamed for the actions of rapist.



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