A Christian told that they “truly try to be Christ-like.”

I responded:

Are you a revolutionary in direct, open, and ongoing opposition to the established Religious, Economic, Military, and Political forces that run the world today?

If you ain’t then you ain’t Christ-like.

If you don’t dwell among, identify with, and organize The Wretched of the Earth, you are not Christ-like; Jesus didn’t have any of the upper-classes in his circles.

Do you consume a Standard American Diet? If so, you are not Christ-like.

Do you not distinguish yourself from the enemies of your people and advise your people not to dwell among their enemies, and to build among their own? If not, you are not Christ-like.

Also, Jesus wast not a Christian, Jesus also didn’t start Christianity.  (So if you are a Christian, you are not Christ-like.)

If you ain’t doing this shit (that I just said), you ain’t Christ-like, you are Christ-lite. LOL!

(I crack myself up sometimes. “Christ-lite,” that was a good one.)

Source: http://diallokenyatta.tumblr.com/




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