The truth is stranger than fiction.

Unfortunately our religious upbringing has left us ill equipped to deal with the full scope of this subject.

Sadly we do not appreciate that we are energy that has been condensed into what appears to be a human form.

Sex is as much a spiritual experience as a physical one. All of me is merging with all of you, as that eerie feeling that transpires before the event, is information transmuted by the individuals as their outer energies are merged before the act.

You can feel if what you are doing is the right thing before you begin the act, many just ignore it or take alcohol to block what their mind is trying to tell them.

If you love them, you feel good, if you do not love them or have been forced by guilt or abuse, a cold & filthy energy can now overcome you and can take a long time to leave.

The demon aspect is something quite different as a world of energies exist within us that secretly control and initiate many of our apparent natural sexual urges.

Within men these energies can reside in the testicular area, the man`s womb egg creation zone. The men also have energies in their pelvis areas as well as their stomachs.

Within women they can be found in the back area of her vaginal canal as well as her womb, stomach area and lower back.

These energies are intelligent and have the ability to create the sensations people register as having cravings.

They are exchanged during sex and can form relationships with other energies in other people, compelling the couples to desire each physically even though they cannot stand each other mentally.

These energies seek to control the individuals they reside in by getting them to commit sex related acts with the aim of creating deep guilt and shame within the person.

They can use this lower frequency internal feeling to increase their control over the individual.

When a woman sleeps with a man and feels ill afterwards it is usually an indication that the man may have left within her some bad seed. His negative field energy can disrupt her energy field resulting in her body closing down to repair the damage.

When a man sleeps with a woman and feels drained afterwards, he may have experienced some energy within the woman feeding off his life force.

This is the tip of the iceberg as when you get into the energies left from rape and abuse we could be here all day. The dark very low frequencies present during these acts make it possible for entities to pass into the person who suffers the event. These energies can create dark cravings within the victim, which can lead to the cycle of abuse being continued.

The only safe sex is to ask the awkward questions upfront as it is not straight forward removing these energies, as they are stains on your energy field, soap and water does not really cover it.

The worlds within us are vast and unknown, sex was once treated as a ritual and the energies involved understood.

You are more powerful than the energies that dwell within you, they just have one advantage over you unfortunately, they may know you better than you know yourself.




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