The American Black Woman is the Most Imitated in the World

They recently manufactured a new Barbie doll with big thighs and a big butt. Now, why did they go and do that? They were Emulating the black woman of course. Back in the 1980’s Chic Jeans were created to make white women appear to have booty. And although that didn’t work, it didn’t stop white supremacists from publicly attacking the image of black women across America.
 Don’t go for the Jedi mind trick. Look at all the television anchorwomen on cable; darker tans, ethic styles and pumping their lips up to look like black women. Even the Palestinian hating Joan Rivers (and her daughter) went from no lips to bubbly lips before she died.
The most imitated woman in the world is the American black woman. According to what we’re seeing on television, she’s everything white women physically inspire to be. The same way white males were sneaking out to the slave quarters to rape black women then lie about it, is the same way white women today imitate black women and lie about it.
You will never hear them admit it because they’re arrogant. Then they go out and throw themselves at every black man they see. When someone’s trying to be like you they don’t just imitate you, they go get the same man you got, try to have colored children like you and then steal your dialect and slang; to talk like you. Now, am I lying?
Don’t let them play with your head black woman. When white supremacists get to the point that they’re pumping up the booty of an iconic white symbol like Barbie, you’d better look in the mirror and understand what a goddess truly looks like!

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