I have been led to believe that the words that we see in the bible are straight from the creator we cannot see.

I appreciate that men were inspired to collate the book that people read, however is it only me who feels that some of these scriptures reflect that we may have been deceived.

Peter 2.18-21

“Servants/slaves , you must respect your masters and do whatever they tell you … not only if they are kind and reasonable , but even if they are harsh and cruel. Praise the lord if you are punished for doing right. Of course, you get no credit for being patient for doing wrong; but if you do right and suffer for it, and be patient beneath the blows, God is well pleased. “

Excuse me, but who is well pleased. Is someone trying to tell me slave owners did not have a hand in the compilation of this book?

Verse Titus 2.9 has a similar inference as stated in earlier slave posts on this page. The slave master chose this religion as it coincided with the plans they had for their slaves.

As the slave religion programming was perfected in Western and Eastern Europe five hundred years before it hit the coasts of Africa. We have all been under this God spell for far too long. What were we doing before this imported religion?

Please check for your selves these verses are in your own bibles, I wish ii was making this all up. If I am taking this out of context then let me know.

If my ancestors were stolen from their lands, had their name, traditions and their legacy taken away from them, I am not sure they would be impressed with me for following the instructions of those that would have me be patient beneath the blows of the slave owners as their god we be well pleased.

I have seen people react very emotionally at the suggestion that the bible was not written by god but by man. With verses like these, where the creators of all things even has a comment on the hideous practice of slavery, I feel we all have been rather misled, to put it damn lightly.

If god is unknowable, how are you ever going to understand yourself? The mysteries you seek are within you as by understanding the scriptures from the moments of your life, will help you understand the aspect of the creative intelligences that dwells within you, i.e God.

Trust in yourself, in the end, it will be the only choice you have.




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