Black Folks Refuse to believe the Government is Watching Them

They’re Out to get you. Just because you’re the little guy doesn’t mean they don’t want you too!

They know they’re dirty. They know they treat you like sh*t. They know it’s a matter of time before you may act out. I don’t believe the young brother in Boston was going to commit a terrorist act. I think he was just shooting his mouth off. And that was enough to get him killed; especially dealing with scared cops.
But For us (Black folks) as a rule of thumb, we must assume the police are lying, then proceed from there. One hundred and fifty black men released from death row over the years is evident of that. And that was death row of all places.
After the execution of Michael Brown, white supremacists are on high alert. They are scared sh*tless that a real black revolution is coming. So, they give black leaders more money to keep the people quiet. They give more Negroes white women to keep them docile. And they control your comings and goings through harassment.
Here’s the deal: If you have a Muslim name, you are on a government watch list. If you change your current name to a Muslim name, you’re put on a government watch list; and so is your family. You’re all under investigation.
If you become a MOOR and join the local science temple, your name goes on a watch list. If you have an EL or BEY at the end of your name, you’re already on a watch list. Your meetings are monitored and a Negro within your group with a felony hanging over his head is reporting all your movements to the police.
Facebook is monitored by the government.
AND IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW: All the groups you join on FACEBOOK and Google etc. are monitored –waiting for you to say anything worthy of arrest.
White supremacists, terrorist recruiters, pedophiles, etc., have been trying to goat me into conversations and incrimination for years. But I never fall for their plots and schemes. Remember, I was the first one to tell you on FACEBOOK that Ebola was coming to America and white supremacists shut down my Facebook account. A month later EBOLA was here!
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