Are You Down With Planned Parenthood?

Republicans have been trying to shut down Planned Parenthood for years and they definitely want the government to stop funding them. Meanwhile, Liberals and Democrats aided by blacks- love them some Planned Parenthood; go figure.

Planned Parenthood has been KILLING black babies for decades; that’s a fact. And it was invented by Margaret Sanger and other rich racists (white supremacists) to stop black population growth. That’s not conjecture, just fact. Go look it up. But what we don’t know now is if in 2015 has their plans changed?

Some of you just found out that they’re selling the aborted fetuses to the highest bidder. Oh yeah ladies, the baby you leave on the abortion clinic floor can go all around the world. Yep, you can be sitting next to someone right now with stem cells from your baby inside them. None-the-less, I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but I also believe they should have all the facts and equal opportunity. And poverty should not be a factor in that decision.
 Most black babies are aborted because young women can’t afford them or the father lacks the education to find gainful employment. A major solution to the problem is in fact; education. Learn the facts. Learn how to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first place. But most important of all is not to let white supremacists tell you what to do with your body. That’s insanity. Planned Parenthood is just as exploitative and deadly to blacks as any other white supremacist organization.
Young women of color are encouraged to get abortions; young, white women are not. Young, white women are put on the pill and are talked to about sex a lot sooner then young, black women. In fact, the Christian white women are having oral and anal sex as a way of saving vaginal sex until marriage. How sick is that?
But don’t get it twisted; white women are still having multiple abortions. But because they have healthcare they go to a private doctor. When a white woman gets an STD she goes to her doctor; not the clinic. That’s why you don’t get the accurate statistics. As birth rates among white folks continue to plummet you’re going to see a lot more abortion clinics pop up in black neighborhoods. Will you not fight to live?

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