The Importance of Frankincense

The resin of frankincense has been used for centuries, it is believed to invoke the divine. The burning of frankincense has been traditionally used to purify sacred space for ritual and meditation purposes, the aroma is said to clear the mind and spirit. It focuses spiritual consciousness and evokes the potential for transcendent awareness.

In Kemet (Ancient Egypt) it was used to purify a space to remove bad spirits before ritual ceremonies. They also used it for embalming the bodies of the Pharaohs.

“It is wise to cleanse oneself as well as where you reside as often as possible. Each day were share an air water bath with everyone we come into contact with. We pick so many energies which can affect our moods as well as our good luck. Frankincense and Myrrh are amongst the many smoke cleanser, these resins when burnt , create a scent and raise the atmospheric area frequency, which some energies find unpleasant and have to leave the area. If you look closely you can see the smoke moving in different directions revealing energies present but not visible to our eyes. Incense has always been part of the rituals of indigenous as well as religious people. It is only natural to clean something before we use it, the air around us is no exception.”
– Queen


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