How Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again; without Bringing Slavery Back?


He can’t! Slavery and slave labor is in fact what made America great; that and little else. Other countries couldn’t compete with America’s massive free labor supply. Meanwhile, minimum wage was created because white supremacists didn’t want to pay the workers squat-in the first place.
They used, abused and beat down the Chinese who built the railroads (along with blacks) until the Chinese migrants called home. The Chinese government was informed how Chinese immigrants were being slaughtered, and white supremacists stopped abusing them immediately because the Chinese literally threatened to kick America’s ass.

Then once the Mexicans took all the remaining blue collar jobs, the unions couldn’t stop it. That’s when they started the whole illegal immigration uproar. V.O.T.E.C. and other programs were shut down in high schools across America to keep young, black males from learning a trade and competing with young, white males. That worked for a minute.
But think about it, as soon as the slave labor pool dried up, what did white supremacist’s do? They closed down the plants and factories and outsourced all the work to countries that could provide slave-like labor. The prison industrial complex has been providing unbelievable amounts of free labor from locking up so called minorities. But all that money goes to the top one percent.
The so called middle class and the so called ‘poor, white trash’ didn’t get nothing out of that deal-except locked up themselves. In the end, white men were still sh*t out of luck. And that’s who make up the bulk of trump supporters; white folks who are mad at rich folks, our corrupt government, and all non-white Americans in general.
They think that Trump is going to help them save white supremacy for their children. But as quiet as it’s kept, Donald Tump is trying to save white supremacy for his own children. America has the economy and debt of a third world country. Trump can’t make America great for white folks again; no one can. White supremacy is on its way out. Get over it already!




4 thoughts on “How Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again; without Bringing Slavery Back?

  1. As always Queen Adira, you have delivered another powerful,thought-provoking article!! You are a true warrior-goddess for THE TRUTH,sister!! Keep up the mighty work of the pen,sister!!-Elder Bro. Karriem in Atlanta,GA


  2. We have slavery, its called most jobs in this economy. Work 40-60 hours a week to barely get by. I make a decent wage (upper lower class), but our economy and ballooned prices of vehicles and homes has everyone on the brink of ruin…. except the protected banks and large corporations. Most people have to eat hot dogs and balogna sandwiches to get by, and drive a 15 year old car. Thats not the american dream for anyone but trump


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