[No perms, chemicals, dyes, excessive heat nor hair that did not grow from your scalp]


God given crown.

Spiritual antennas, receiver and transmitter of divine emanation.

More receptive to spiritual forces (saints and sages instinctively let their hair grow).

Your body is your temple, your hair is sacred and should not be adulterated nor denatured.

Hair locking is an original ancient African cultural tradition, historically symbolized spirituality, spiritual awareness, a spiritual experience and or commitment.

Hair locking signifies a reconnection to spirituality, afro-centricity, naturalness and/or being your own true natural self – An eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

Natural hair is holy and healing.

“To thine own self be true.”- Imhotep

The same power that makes atoms spin and galaxies spiral is the same power causing your precious antennae (hair) to spiral out of your head, giving you the super SPIRI-tual “Hair of the Gods”.



Observe your unique DNA hair pattern.

Experience your true hairitage (Ancestral hair culture).

The spiral principle of the universe is what makes our hair nappy (spiral). Spiral is the movement of creation. The spiral is the most profound motion in the universe and most profound design in the universe – built into all life forms from atoms, DNA, seashells, our hair and the galaxies.

Woman, man and child know thyself!


Elevates and maintains ones confidence, self-esteem and self-love.


Healthier Hair.

Hair grows Stronger.

Hair grows faster.

No chemicals introduced into the body.

No hair damage.

Scalp massage friendly.

Haircuts are health destroying (draw on mental faculty, similar to the feeling after loss of sexual fluid – remember Samson and Delilah). The hair shaft bleeds repair fluid at the cut ends. Nutritional loss due to haircutting affects the brain.


Dread Locks are actually Love Locks!

You and your lover can freely run your fingers through each other’s hair and give each other regular scalp massages (What a turn on!).


Embrace your natural beauty.


Easier Maintenance.

Getting hair wet, moisture or sweating is no longer a hair issue. Did I mention anyone you desire including children can run their fingers through your hair?


Much less expensive to maintain.

Start and/or support business centered around natural hair care and natural living.


Longest lasting and permanent hairstyle (perms are actual temporary).

Your natural hair is nature’s first and most original hair style.


Like your fingerprints, your natural hair is also unique.

More versatile hairstyles.

You stand out more in a sea of permed heads.



Your hair shares the same spiral in atoms, electricity, tornadoes, whirlwinds, DNA, seashells and galaxies.

Respecting and honoring your Nappy Kinks is gratitude for what God and nature gave you.


Most Eco-friendly!

No need for hair care products containing chemicals and no need for excessive heat to burn, fry or kill your hair. You can actually air dry.


Least amount of time to maintain.



Honoring your genetic hairitage (ancestral culture) long before the hot comb and man made chemicals existed.

Hair locking and hair braiding is an original African culture tradition signifying afro-centricity.


Teaching by example to the youth to honor and respect your God and nature given hair.


The spiral principle is universal!

Stay connected and relevant to the natural universe.

“To thine own self be true.” – Imhotep

Your hair is holy, keep it holistically healthy!

Conclusion: “Going Natural” with your hair usually creates a domino effect. Much more natural and healthier lifestyle, i.e. diet, products used and consumed, clothing, healing, thinking, spirituality, mannerism, yoga, etc.

Woman, Man and Child Know Thyself




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