“We Are At War.”

We so love pointing out Racial discrepancies, like how often Blacks get pulled over compared to Whites, or how Black sounding names on an   application will cause them to be thrown away, or the million other ways this System demonstrates open and direct hostility towards Black men, women, children, & elders.

We love finding and sharing the stats and evidence of Racism and Racial discrepencies, but we seem afraid to  to call shit what it truly is; War, it’s Race War.  It’s not just hate, or prejudice, or discrimination, it’s War.  In totality, all the acts of micro-aggression, open aggression, institutional oppression and discrimination amount to War.

This System and those who control and benefit from it are at War with Black people, our physical selves, our minds, and our very essence.


Not only do we fail to respond to this War being waged our Race (for centuries), we fail to even call it what it is: Race War.

We are the only population on this planet who imagine we can avoid, win, or end a War by simply refusing to acknowledge the War.

One-sided Wars always end in Genocide or Extermination.





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