On Mothers “Stealing” Father’s Day.

Stop crying about single mothers who want to be acknowledged on Father’s Day, or people who wanna shout out their single mothers on Father’s Day!  It’s all empty Bullshit anyway, Damn.

We fighting each other over how to properly observe Western Whole-Lie-Daze?  WTF?

It’s bad enough we got Blacks beating the shit out of each other over whether White Jesus or Arab Mohammad had the real path to Heaven.  We still arguing whether Western European Capitalism, or Eastern European Communism is the best path of development.  We fighting over weather the Cleveland Cavaliers are better than the GoldenState Warriors; when “the White man gets paid off of all of dat.”  We are still killing each other over White delineated streets and neighborhoods!

Now we gotta fight about the right way to do Mother’s and Father’s Day, we got insane Negros who wanna fight about the War on Christmas, we got New Negros that are mad when we just BBQ on Memorial Day instead of paying homage to the soldiers who died advancing Western Imperialism!

WTF Black people?

I don’t give a fuck if a Black person what to dress like Big Bird and fry themselves in a vat of hot Baby Oil in recognition of Father’s Day; how the fuck do dat affect me and my relationship with my sons?   I’m a good…to mediocre father for the most part; and giving a Woman a Halmark Card on the day Whites decided would be the day to acknowledge Fathers don’t affect that shit!

You look like one insecure as dude crying about Mothers being acknowledged on “your day.”  Fucking babies.

My fatherhood, and relationship to my sons ain’t got shit to do with Father’s Day, and is not threaten by women who wanna be daddy, or who are forced to play daddy and momma to the best, or worst of their abilities (just like my manhood ain’t affected by two men who wanna Zooma Zoom Zoom in the Boom Boom, or two women wanna Shoop De Doop De Doop; but that’s a whole nutha discussion). It’s not a fucking competition.

Tend to your family, organize your community, and attack those who seek to Oppress our people!  That’s fucking it, every thing is is moot, and can be dealt with as the individual sees fit!!!   Focus on what (collectively) matters!

My point is, we got bigger mercury contaminated fish to fry, we don’t have the resources or time to be bumping heads about shit that don’t mean shit!

If a Brother or Sister is down for Pan-African Unity, and Black Liberation, den who gives a fuck how they celebrate Father’s Day, and who they buy them dumbass, corny cards for?!?!

These ‪#‎NewNegros‬, ‪#‎ToxicBlackNationalist‬,‪#‎AfrocentricSexist‬, and ‪#‎BlackPuritans‬ harp on shit like women stealing Father’s Day because they don’t have any real agendas, they operate off of superficial analysis, and they prefer to instigate petty internal conflicts instead of taking the fight to the real Oppressors, because they are bullies, cowards, and extremely dependent on the very White people the claim to be against.

So, as a Black Husband and Father, who’s been there from day one, been there from the moment I cut my son’s umbilical cords to today; allow me to say ‪#‎FuckFathersDay‬, and if women want it they can have it, if Single mothers want that acknowledgement they can have it, and shut up you crybabies, and tend to your responsibilities to your children and the community regardless if you get a damn special day with a corny card or not.

Hell, let’s start “Black Eco Enterprises Day,” were we give cards to everyone who establishes and runs a Eco Business in the Black community.  Let’s have a “Black Literacy Day,” and give cards to Black writers and readers, or a “Shut Em Down Day,” were we give cards and acknowledgement to Blacks people who’ve driven parasitic businesses out off the Hood, or thwarted some other insidious anti-Black agenda.

Let’s invent some Holidays worth celebrating and defending.

(And for you muthafuckas with limited reading comprehension, I”m not saying don’t love and acknowledge fathers, I’m saying it don’t take Father’s Day to do it, and it don’t hurt real fathers to give Father’s Day cards to mothers, uncles, aunt, or cats from the block, cuz that shit is just White nonsense!  If you have incorporated Father’s Day into your family traditions, fine, but don’t trip over how others get down with Father’s Day!)




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