On Morality & the Black Condition


All these New Negros and Black Puritans who keep telling the Black community that we suffer the way we do because we are so immoral, because we lack values, and because we don’t have unity always seem to over look the fact that those with all the fucking power, those who oppress the world, those who control the world’s wealth and resources are the most immoral, corrupt, and backstabbing muthafuckas on the damn planet.

If these New Negros and Black Puritans were correct about immorality, lack of morals, and disunity being the cause of a people’s suffering, then the people at the top of the Global Hierarchy would be at the bottom.

But these New Negros and Black Puritans don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, they are just bullies, who bypass the real enemies and attack and shame their own.


(Now simple minded muthafuckas will conclude that I’m calling for immorality, disunity, and corruption; or excusing it, but fuck simple minded muthafuckas.  Those who understand that I’m calling for Rational and Radical Analysis, and seeking to base our actions on that Rationality and Analysis instead of on people’s irrational indoctrination, and falsehoods about power and righteousness, based on prehistoric gods and Medieval dogma.)





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