If America really lived up to its rhetoric about Freedom, Justice, Equality, and Opportunity; I’d be a proud American.

If Feminism really was about liberating women, then I’d be a militant Feminist.

If the Civil Rights Movement was truly about Black Liberation, I’d put on an ill fitting suit, march with Slick Al and Messy Jessie up and down the street, and give my all for Civil Rights.

If the Gay Rights Movement was truly about securing justice for people who’ve historically been excluded from opportunities and open expression is the society; then I would support the Gay Rights Movement.

If the Immigrants Rights acknowledged and oppose the rampant Racism and Anti-Blackism in the Caribbean, and in Central and South America, then I’d support the Immigrants Rights Movement.

If Christianity was about living a righteous life, helping the poor, and opposing injustice, then I’d be hoopin and hollerin in the church, I’d be the best Christian.

If Islam was truly about peace then I’d be in the Masque, wearing a dress, and bumping my head on the floor.

If Capitalism was truly about humanity creativity, ingenuity, and handwork being rewarded in an open and fair economy, then I’d be a fat neck Capitalist.

If Liberalism was about helping and empowering those less fortunate, and being accepting of individual and group differences in society, then I’d be a smelly, hippie-ass Liberal.

If Conservatism was about sustaining the family, and upholding the morals and all that is virtuous in society, I’d be a stuffy, tight-assed Conservative.

If the Spiritualism was truly about finding one’s center, and cultivating one’s highest self, then I’d be one of them crazy-talking, ethereal Spiritualist.

If Multiculturalism was truly about respecting all cultures and coming together based on our human commonalities and respecting our cultural differences, then I’d be a tacky dressing Multicultrialist.

But I ain’t with none of that, and most other shit because I operate off of Radical Analysis, and Historical assessments; and I know BS when I see and smell it.




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