Transcending Lower Thoughts


Why does it feel like we are more sensitive and affected by lower thoughts or emotions that never seemed to bother us before?

As you exceed in higher and higher vibrational frequencies of being love and God’s light within, you will discover that it is not a luxury anymore to entertain lower frequencies of thoughts or emotions.  They will affect your energetic field and the energy of your vibrational being.

Some of you will feel this quite physically, while others will feel it more deeply within the emotional field or mental states.  You will discover that what you send out comes back to you almost instantly in some instances and that lower forms of energy are just not “worth” the effect of their manifestation within you.

You may find that those “clues” or signals of lower energy thoughts and intentions that you feel within your energetic body, if held on to over time, will begin to manifest themselves into your physical reality as situations or conflicts that mirror the same vibrational energy.  You will become more and more aware of and compelled to fine tune your thoughts, intentions, and the energy that you send out in order to avoid that which you do not want to bring back like a magnet to your path.

It is simply remembering. You are a powerful vibrational being and it is YOU who creates your reality. That Creation begins with the thoughts, emotions, and intentions that you choose to hold on to and carry as the energy that you are.  All are the seeds in creating who you are energetically.

You will find it essential over time to “weed” out and release any lower energy of bitterness or hatred within you.

You are given the blessing in this lifetime of breaking free of all enslavements to lower energetic ways of being you have been chained to.

Praise God for all trials and tribulations of the soul that you have experienced in the hardest of ways that have cut your heart in two, for they are the very tools that have allowed your soul to progress into higher graces of glory.  These trials and tribulations are the very means for your soul to gain its wisdom and transformation.

Embrace all experiences and fully experience your pain and sadness or joy and happiness.  Each one creates a continual shifting in your consciousness to higher levels of awareness within you. Create no definitions nor language around any experience, for it only holds you back from fully integrating the wisdom of that experience within your soul.

Every lack in your life has been created intentionally by the Life source energy within your soul, in order to create a shifting in your awareness to essential areas of being that will move you into higher vibrations of light and love.  If you would have received all that you have ever desired, you would have felt comfortable and held an illusion of completeness in your life.

Having a sense of fulfillment, you would carry no further desire to shift out of the unhealthy patterns of destruction your soul has come into this lifetime to shed in order to move into deeper dimensions of experiencing Life.  There would be no inner desire or impetus to shift and move toward higher vibrations of light.

Know that the most painful experiences often carve out and create the highest and most brilliant light radiation within your souls essence that cannot be seen nor fathomed in this physical realm.   If you could but experience the multi-dimensional light and energy that emanates from the energy of experiencing sorrow, you would be in awe of its unfathomed glory within you.

So stop concerning yourself with creating a life of comfort and ease when the very impetus for your souls transformation lies in the discomfort and pain that you experience.  It is agony that moves you to places that you would never walk to on your own.  Your suffering carves out the deepest dimensions of wisdom within you that you will carry forever as your own true wisdom in Being.  It is temporal pain and suffering that opens the door in time to Eternal peace and joy.

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