The Top 10 Sambos Living in America Today


SAMBO refers to any black person serving the will and command of racist whites in conflict with and to the demise of their own race. Most Negros fear or unwillingness to confront the racism (White Supremacy) that surrounds them keeps them working on the side of the white supremacy system. Inside the SAMBO’S brain there is no cultural or ancestral relevance therefore there can be no black pride; only the yearning to be accepted by whites. The SAMBO actually views him/herself as a white person trapped inside of a black body that they are forced to tolerate. It is the SAMBO’S number one priority to endear him/herself to the white establishment.The SAMBO is the most dangerous of all NEGRO groups because he/she has been turned into a self hating machine by racists then turned lose to reek havoc among their own people. Here are your top ten:

Spencer Williams - Andy Brown

10. Tyler Perry- His hatred of the black community resonates in his movies and sitcoms. Perry is angry because he feels black America won’t allow him to come out of the closet and profess his homosexuality without consequences. Although its a proven fact that white men in Hollywood coming out of the closet get treated much better then their black counterparts( look what happened to the big black guy from The Green Mile, among others) Perry wants to make black America pay for their intolerance. As his way of lashing out and paying the black community back for their centuries of family oriented behaviors, Perry continuously bashes the black community in his movies;promoting stereotypes, making fun of the black church, painting black women as undesirable and depicting black men as buffoons. Anything the Jewish hierarchy at the studios tell him to do he happily complies. Step ‘N’ Fetch It ain’t got nothin’ on him.

Louise Beavers 1902-1962
9.Deneen Borelli found out how much money she could make demonizing her own people that she immediately decided to make a career out of it. This self hating Tea Party mascot and Fox News (aka fixed news) Neo Negro hates herself so much she gets her pictures photo shopped in order to look more European friendly.

Eddie Rochester Anderson

8. Larry Elder, the Conservative Columnist and Political Commentator has been posted up against President Obama more times then you can count. His coaches at the Republican Party always send in their white men in black skin whenever they need to check Obama for scoring too many points.  And since they promote from within Elder probably will be coaching his own team of self haters pretty soon.


Ruby Dandridge 1899-1987
7. Whoopi Goldberg  -Don’t be fooled by all the strong, black women she portrays in movies. Whoopi Goldberg is black on the outside and white on the inside. A notorious lover of White men, this self hating, wanna be Jew made ex-boyfriend Ted Danson dress up in Black face to make fun of black folks in order to amuse a mostly White audience at a friar’s club roast. To this day she insists the bit was funny. In 1994 Whoopi Goldberg said Minister Louis Farrakhan was the “new Hitler” and threatened to have her Jewish friends cancel the Arsenio Hall Show if Farrakhan was his guest. Hall ignored her and a few weeks later the show was cancelled. Although Farrakhan appeared on over a dozen White shows before and after The Arsenio Hall Show, Whoopi Goldberg remained absolutely quiet and threatened none of the white folks anywhere or anytime Farrakhan appeared.

A while back, Goldberg made headlines pretending to be outraged by comments Right winger Bill O’Reilly made about Muslims. But if you watch the clip, Goldberg didn’t storm off stage until co-host Joy Behar was on her way pass. It was most likely Goldberg was more upset about Bill O’Reilly not asking her out on a date then she was over his idiotic statements. Born Caryn Johnson, Goldberg changed her name because she felt that a Jewish name would help her make it in Hollywood. She was right, because her stand up comedy act wasn’t very amusing. So the question remains…did she get roles in Hollywood because she changed her name to Goldberg or because she had talent? Well, by changing her name to Goldberg she automatically sent a message to the Jewish executives that run the film industry; “I no longer identify myself as Black. I’m one of you. I’ll work for you. And I’ll champion your causes. Just give me the scraps from your table and I’m yours.”

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson 1878-1949


6. Michael Steele-Another token Negro put into place to offset the Obama effect and confuse black folks. The former republican National Committee Chairman said he would welcome blacks to his party with “fried chicken and potato salad.”  Michael Steele’s mishaps and screw ups almost made you think he was a double agent for the Democrats. Steele’s main function was to loudly and publicly criticize President Obama. Since racist would be suspect for doing it, they dug up a black man happy to publicly criticise the black president. A white man with black skin, Steele’s appointment as the head of the Republican National Committee was propaganda to convince America the Republican party wasn’t run by racists since they’d appointed a ‘Negro’ to their top position. Although Steele tried to act tough his bark turned into a whimper when comedian pundit Rush Limbaugh pulled his dog collar during an argument; reminding this token Negro who was really in charge of the RNC…ouch!


Billie Buckwheat Thomas


5. Alan Keys- Unlike most Sambos this political prostitute actually believes most of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. As ambassador for the Reagan administration, this token Negro opposed sanctions against South Africa during Apartheid. Keys was the lead plaintiff  in a lawsuit claiming President Obama wasn’t eligible for president because he wasn’t a natural born citizen. The lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court and Keys ordered to pay the presidents court costs; (not legal fees). The Birther Movement as its been aptly named credits itself (along with Donald Trump) with forcing the president to show his birth certificate to the world. A publicity hound for the Republican party, Keys makes frequent runs for public office knowing he can’t win. This scheme enables him to keep campaign contributions and garner money for his boring speaking engagements. Keys actually had the nerve to call the president a radical communist while at the same time holding hands with real Tea Party radicals. What an idiot.


4. Juan Williams- Recently fired from NPR for kissing too much butt over at Fox News(aka fixed news), this commentator loves to hear himself talk. But you know its bad when you’re so much of a ‘SAMBO’ White folks get tired of you. Williams is paid handsomely to shout at the top of his lungs ” Fox News isn’t racist….Fox news isn’t racist” and claims that 1/3 of the people who watch ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ are African-Americans; yeah right. Known for bashing black leaders, Williams recently said Michelle Obama was a liability to the president. Any position Fox News wants him to assume Williams is happy to oblige; even if it means bending over. Recently, Williams said that he “gets nervous around young black men.” But I’m sure nowhere near as nervous as young black men feel around him. Columnist Tony Norman called him “two faced,” but his birth name is actually Sambo.


3. Condoleezza Rice- is the epitome of the old time house Negro who ate when the master ate, was sick when the master was sick, and was happy when the master was happy. She agreed with George W. Bush more then he agreed with himself. Rice has served the Bush family (and other Republicans) in some capacity for over 20 years. She was one of the architects of the Iraq war which got tens of thousands of people killed and thousands more wounded and destitute. It’s been almost four years since the Bush administration were in power, and Condoleezza Rice is still going around defending their crimes against humanity; that includes her shopping spree in Beverly Hills while hundreds of black folks perished in Hurricane Katrina. A mediocre National Security Advisor at best, she was unwilling or unable to prevent 9/11. As a token Negro for the Bush Administration, Rice has been called the most ineffective Secretary of State in this country’s history. Then again, she’s also been called the worst National Security Advisor in this country’s history. The Bush administration tried their best to convince the black community she was one of our black leaders, but that lie never caught on with anybody other then Aretha Franklin. Rice said she supports but doesn’t endorse affirmative action (what the hell does that mean?) But at least she’s clear on the issue of torturing innocent terror suspects. I know I’m tortured every time she opens her mouth.


Nick Stewart - Lightnin
2. Henry Louis Gates-Gates should be number one, but he’s literally number 2; if you get my reference. This Harvard professor serves White supremacist as their psychological hit man. Gates is so anxious to keep favor with White folks that he flys all over the country trying to shift the blame of slavery from Whites to Blacks. “Blacks enslaved Blacks….African countries should pay for the slave trade too.”Hasn’t America sucked enough life out of Africa; really? No country in Africa ever had a slave economy, shuttle slavery didn’t exist anywhere on the continent, and warring tribes usually allowed their slaves to become part of their society; big difference. Gates maintains a snobbish, condescending tone towards Africa, pretending to praise it, but all the while tearing her down. Gates works tirelessly for Jewish interest groups who for decades have tried to hide their overwhelming Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Never once has he said Jews were responsible for their own Holocaust as he has Africans were responsible for theirs. In the Friday June 3, 1994 LA.Times Gates stops short of saying how much he hates himself  for being black; go read it. On C-Span Gates reassured white America of his loyalty when he declared;  “We (blacks) are just as corrupt and despicable as any other people and if we have the right to oppress we will oppress just like the white man has oppressed us.” We’ll we know he’s corrupt and despicable but let’s look at some facts, because in actuality history proves the opposite. Every dark, black, brown, native, indigenous people on the planet welcomed whites into their land; feeding, clothing and teaching them when they didn’t have to. From the pilgrims, to the Aztecs, to thePolynesian to the Tasmanians, to the Native Americans, they all paid for their hospitality with their lives. The Africans even freed the Hyksos and Jews when they could have enslaved them; that’s where we get the Bible’s Moses and exodus myth from.

A Harvard professor who goes around changing history is repugnant. It’s the main reason why racists and skinheads always reference Henry Louis Gates when they’re spreading propaganda about inferiority and the like. Gates himself felt betrayed back in 2009 when the same white folks he’d served so well all these years arrested him for allegedly trying to break into his own house. His feelings as well as his white pride was severely damaged. That’s when president Obama, a fellow Harvard man, convinced the white cop to sit down and have a beer with the distraught Gates; reassuring the white cop and his colleagues that Henry Louis Gates was one of them.

Dewey Pigmeat Markham
1. Clarence Thomas- He’s the most dangerous Negroin America and Justice Anthony Scalia’s lapdog. His votes and decisions have detrimentally affected the lives of Blacks since his collaboration to put Bush into office back in 2000. More then anyone else on our list “America’s Blackest Child,” as his old schoolmates use to call him, probably despises his black skin more then anybody else.

Always there when Republicans need him most, his vote in Bush v/s Gore  led to the worst economic downturn for Black folks since The Great Depression. Like most of the token Negroes listed above he benefited from affirmative action then railed against it.  Despite being against affirmative action, Thomas himself became a token, affirmative action judge on the Supreme Court. How’s that for someone who’s against affirmative action? These days Thomas doesn’t mind being a ‘souvenir Negro’ who walks in lockstep with justice Scalia on 88% of his votes. In almost 20 years the Supreme Court jester has rarely gone against his boss Justice Scalia.

Recently Clarence Thomas’ wife tried to coerce Anita Hill into apologizing to her husband for telling the world about the freaky, sexually explicit, graphic, nasty, inappropriate things he use to say to her around the office. Anita Hill promptly refused. The nerve of her! The Tea Party activist may be able to tell her husband Clarence Thomas how to vote but she sure as hell couldn’t tell Anita Hill what to say. Thomas’ wife lobbies for cases that are eventually heard by the Supreme court and her husband refuses to remove himself from those cases.

And Now the New York Times is reporting that Justice Thomas has been doing favors for his wealthy conservative donors. Thomas has carefully kept that relationship secret by failing to disclose the gifts bestowed on his family through those relationships. And disclosure is required by federal law. Will his rich white friends stand by his side if Thomas’ dirty laundry is ever revealed? After all these years of loyal boot licking and buck dancing, if there’s any justice left at all in the world, Justice Clarence Thomas will end up getting the high tech lynching he deserves.

Dis-Honorable Mention

 Tiger Woods- buck danced his way from putting green to putting green all the while screaming at the top of his lungs “I’m not black….I’m not black, I’m Eurasian.” He continued to deny his own image in the mirror for something that would bring him more favor with whites. And white folks applauded him for it. I understand wanting the prestige but when the show pony got out of line he was whipped; economically. Woods became Black-an-Asian when his lust for  white women was revealed. Unable to control himself around white women, Woods allegedly had sex with every white woman he came in contact with; including porn stars, rock stars, bartenders, hookers, wives, daughters, neighbors, short, tall, ugly, skinny, stank; did I miss anybody? And Guess what? None of them were Eurasian!  They were all white women who found out the only thing Tiger hated more then being black was using condoms.


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