Why Do You Hate on the Female So Hard

Why Do You Hate on the Female So Hard ?
Who Else Can be Your Wife, Your Lover, and Friend ?
When You Denigrate the Woman, You Can’t Possibly Win.
Who Else is Gonna Bear Your Child ?
Who’s Gonna Love You, When There are No Smiles ?
Women Raise Tomorrow, that’s for Sure
Their High Self-Esteem, Men must Insure.
You Think It’s Cool, to Call Her a ” Ho “.
When It is to Her, for Comfort and Family, You must Go.
Why Do You Spit out Misogynistic Words ?
Don’t You Know to the World, You Look Absurd ?
Only a Fool Bites the Hand which Feeds Him.
We Can Never be Divine without Them.
You Can’t Have a Healthy Community,
If 51% – Women -You Disrespect with Impunity.
Can’t You Get It through Knucklehead ?
Unless the Woman is Respected, We’re All Dead.
Who Molds the Minds of the Future, while You Sow Your Wild Oats?
Who Makes Sure Your Kids Have Coats?
You’ve been Suckered into Glorifying Pimps –
A Pitiful Excuse for a Man, a Destructive Wimp.
If He can’t Honor the Divinity in You,
He is Surely Unfit To Be a Father, Too.
These Idiots who Treat Women like Disposable Toys,
Are Liars, Cowards with Deceitful Ploys.
They Think it’s Fly, To Be Slimy Cheating Jerks,
And Abandon the Children to Just Women’s Work
Ain’t it Plain that Raising a Family is Work for Two ?
Cain’t You see that Being a Player is Killing You ?
How Can You be a Man and You Can’t Look a Woman in the Eye ?
Instead of Giving Life, You Cause Her Trust to Die.
What Can She Pass on to Your Biological Seed ?
When the Pain of Single Parenthood, Makes Her Spirit Bleed.
If Only You would Come Out of Your Genocidal Fantasy,
And Know that Promiscuity Dooms the Race to Calamity.
How Can We be a Strong, Prosperous Race
When Our Normal Behavior is Such a Disgrace ?
50 Cent says, ” I’m not into Making Love, I’m into Having Sex” .
How Many Young Minds will this Fiend Wreck ?
To call Him an Artist is a Monumental Crime ,
This Scumbucket Isn’t Fit To Be Called Slime.
It’s a Shame that Many of Our Youth, Will Never Know
That God Gave Man to Woman, so that Both would Grow .
As a People, We Can’t Reach Our True Destiny
When We Disregard, the Sacredness of Femininity.
These Rapping Buffoons are Traitors of the Worst Sort.
They Cause Embryonic Love Aspirations, to Abort .
This Poisonous Advice on How to Trash Women
Is Killing Relationships, with its Venom.
No Real Partnership can be Based on Disrespect.
To Get the Most out of Life, You must Come Correct.
All the “Boys ” Playing like They’re so Hard
Being Set Up like Suckers, for the Prison Yard .
Acting like No One Ever Gets Close to You,
When Your Emotions Record Everything that Happens to You.
You Say, No Woman Could You Ever Love.
But That’s not How We Were Designed by the Lord Above
He Made Us in Pairs

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