Judge Me by the Color of My Skin

Every time, We curse Our Sacred Features; i.e. hair, lips, nose, eye color, and skin color, these self-negating thoughts block the development of our personal logic circuit. Consequently, We as a as People are blocked from authentic thoughts and concepts. We have been so traumatized by this Branch of Hell, called America, that the mere mention of anything considered militant, radical, Pro-Black induces a panic attack.

The fear of white reprisal for independent, self-reliant thoughts and behaviors has trapped Us in a debilitating, intellectual limbo that shuts down the reasoning capacity. The proof this psychic/mental malaise is in the Conspiracy of Silence in African-American Culture. Children intuitively sense that something is terribly wrong about the savagely brutal cycles of poverty, injustice and degradation. Yet, all the “adults” are talking about Satan Claus, Disney Land and Basketball Wives.
Those irrepressible Freedom Fighters who have the temerity to speak against the manifestly oppressive tragedy of everyday Black Life are labeled by most African-Americans as “Crazy”, “Stuck In The 1960’s, or ‘Having a Death Wish. In fact, Most Black People are convinced that Black has no Intrinsic Value. We have been programmed that it is racist to believe that being Black is Special and that Blackness is a Blessing from Amen Ra.
We have been programmed that We, should be judged by the content of our character; rather than the color of Our Skin. This is sacrilegious, because People with Black Skin setup the world’s first Religions, first Math Systems, and the first Universities. We were the first Scientists and We built the first Civilizations. Civilization means a society where the Woman and Children are free from even knowing what Rape is. Civilization means the Elderly are revered and free from abuse. Judge Me by the Color of my Black Skin.
Our Chosen People, have endured the most vile and the most vicious, protracted atrocities for hundreds of years. Yet, We still retain Our Spiritual Integrity by refusing to hate our Historical Enemy. The Color of Our Skin is Blessed and Highly Favored. We, Africans, have a very different Spiritual Destiny than those who endeavor degrade Us, enslave Us, Imprison Us and to discourage Us. In order for Us to survive Maafa (Slavery, Segregation, and the present American Apartheid)>>>We had to become Crystallized Spirit; like Harriet Tubman and her Parents.
Harriet (like George Washington Carver) could communicate with Plants and She was a Mystical Herbologist who instinctively knew what plants to use for medicine, food, or to keep babies quiet. When Harriet visited her still enslaved parents, before she freed them>>> Her Parents (who were known for being scrupulously honest) kept their eyes closed because when the Slave Monster (master) asked, “Have you seen Harriet” they could honestly say they have not.
Those who have committed the Most Egregious Crimes in Human History against the Chosen People had to give up their “souls (if they ever had a souls) to gain untold riches, power and today’s white privilege.
These Devils have an awesome Karmic Debt to pay. This is why mainstream Americans are afflicted with myriad Spiritual and Physical Maladies (Plagues)>>> like Incest, Child Rape, Freak Sexuality, Crystal Meth, Prescription Drug Abuse, Alcoholism and an insatiable Bloodlust which is fed by (Serial Killing, Hunting, Autopsy TV Shows i.e. CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Bones, and Dexter).
People with Our Skin Color are a Nation of Priest and Priestesses. Please, Judge Me by the Color of My Skin, if You Dare!

One thought on “Judge Me by the Color of My Skin

  1. Reblogged this on blackupward and commented:
    Waw! I clap for this beautiful and strong person👏🏿👏🏾👏🏽. Bravo! That’s what I’m talking about! U-NI-TY ! We have to embrace our identity, our roots and realize the huge sacrifices our ancestors did from us to be free, beautiful and strong to keep on moving forward but instead today you see women with wigs, men wearing tight pants, women “whitening” their skin!!!! Where have you seen that? ( except in an horror movie….!), men ” lowering ” black women & reverse….. Well to make it short, LOVE YOURSELF.


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