Black power is in your pocket…

Martin Luther King’s said in his mission statement for ‘Operation Breadbasket’: “Negroes need not patronize a business which denies them jobs, advancement [or] plain courtesy’’. He also advised African-Americans to support their own businesses. That they’d failed to take heed of this advice is now devastatingly apparent from New York to New Orleans and from California to Chicago.

The ‘Negro’ had dropped the collective ball in pursuit of individual goals. They had failed to realize that the most important battle against white supremacy is economic.

Indeed, everything the Devil has done has been for monetary reasons…every African enslaved; every Native-American scalped; every foreign land stolen; every foodstuff poisoned; every tree felled; every school closed; every prison built; every bomb dropped; every oil well drained; every human killed; every animal slaughtered; every politician bought…the list goes on and on.

‘Money is the root of all evil’. And money best represents the psychology of the ruling race. A race that erroneously claims Christ’s image and the premier status as God’s chosen people…a race which has disgraced man and beast alike…a race so calculatingly evil as to almost defy belief. But a race, nonetheless, which possess an Achilles heal…MONEY!

What African-Americans must do….

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! Block-by-block…neighborhood-by-neighborhood…state-by-state…all non-Black businesses. And from the burning embers of none-Black businesses will emerge a new Rosewood…a new ‘Black Wall St’….a new Africa!

Look, in the US you have your so-called ‘little Italy’ and ‘China Towns’…all flourishing economies run by intact families who speak their own languages; own their own homes; live frugally; and invest in their children’s future education.
African-Americans have ghettos!

The decision thus is to boycott all alien businesses so that African-Americans may begin re-emerge as a renewed African people (with a single West African language at the heart of our identity); a respected and feared people because they will mean business by setting up businesses, and by only supporting those (politicians and institutions) who serve their socio-economic and cultural interests.

The additional consequences of this new Black Power….

Cops will begin to tread carefully; politicians will come cap in hand for votes; white news mediums will watch every word they print, and scrutinize every image printed pertaining to African-Americans (a burgeoning Black mass media will emerge to counter their lies and misrepresentations). Black men and women will interact with one another with a purpose beyond pussy and penises; new families will be established with fathers at their head, and mothers at their core.

Our children will be loved and protected; bilingual and brilliant. The ghettos will be gentrified by influxes of Black middle-class folk. The power of others we see around us is based on culture, a race-specific language, intact families and of keeping the dollar in-house. African-Americans will follow suit and ultimately leave white supremacy trembling in its wake.

That time is emerging as I write.


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