Millions of people take a sea bath, river bath or some form of spiritual bath every single day.

Millions of people take a sea bath, river bath or some form of spiritual bath every single day. In Africa, India, Americas, Asia and Europe, many rituals and ceremonies are conducted at sacred rivers and by the sea edge. Indigenous Gods and Ancestors are often honoured during these events and it is understood that their energies can help those bath in these waters.

In colder countries people have an innate understanding that being by the sea or walking/playing within it has some unknown therapeutic powers. As soon as they see the Sun, people flock to the sea.

Water is a living intelligence, it has the most powerful magnetic abilities in the material world it is the only thing that can be broken up into minute steam particles, travel in the air and reconstruct itself back to the original state in another location.

As everything has been born out of water, the medium has the ability to communicate and hold all the energies on this planet, visible and invisible. Water is older than the earth and can never be destroyed; Air is just a rarefied version of water, basically a less dense form.

Spiritual baths, many just have hot bath with sea salts, sweet smelling oils, candles lit by the side and some soft music in the back ground. They feel rejuvenated and relaxed; they could regard this as spiritual as they feel uplifted and rested.

These baths may leave you feeling fresh and clean, however, unfortunately soap does not clean of energy. Across each day, you interact with many energy fields, some generated from negative/depressed people and other in less positive environments.

These energies attach to your own like an unwanted guest. They can create a state of tiredness, unknown irritation, and sudden nervousness and sometimes just damn bad luck. We walk around asking why when we are not appreciating we can catch a bad mood, the same way we can catch a cold, by breathing in someone`s funky energy.

Cleansing yourself spiritually should be considered a daily practice. If only we all lived by the sea. For the rest of us, more deliberate measures are needed and in honesty, unless you know how to activate the deeper more powerful energies in the sacred waters, not all the attachments around you are removed.

Please understand you have a very powerful life force, it sustains your bodily functions, your mind activity and generates a state of mind energy field, things like confidence, anger, joy and excitement, can be felt by others.

Energies and sometimes other people, want to live off that life force, which can bring a state of confusion and inactivity within yourself. As you try and muster energy to complete your own tasks, your mind is thinking of people`s issues or unable to focus on your situations.

Energies are trying to lower your frequency so they can sink deeper into you conscious to ensure their survival.

The spiritual bath will enable you to begin dislodging, agitating and eventually removing these attached energies. The problem is that you need energy to remove energy. The bath requires elements with life force to penetrate into your energy to where this unwanted guest may be located.

Your energy field is more like a place than a thing. Energies like to hide in different thoughts, feelings and memories. The bath should calm you down as energies pushing certain emotions should be removed.

Too many baths, too many herbs and flowers could be mentioned, this I fear could create confusion to the first timer. Those initiated and those with experience will hopefully know what works for them. I will only say in my experience no toxic items bleach, ammonia are not for me.

A white flower bath is good place to start. You can do it yourself and can expand when the general concepts are understood. This bath is the start not the end of your journey, not all your problems can solved in one bath. As your energy field clears up, your innate intelligence will start to assert more control over your thoughts and deny other thoughts from taking control over you.

White Chrysanthemum, Florida water, spiritual oil (if you have), a Candle, clean clothes and a sincere prayer. This is a basic foundation, you can add as you know or feel. The prayer is the real power key.

Bath water added to 2/3 of the height of the tub. Break petals from the flower to the point where the surface of the bath water is covered. Add the Florida water 1/3 of the bottle, add you spiritual oil (merely prayed over oil ) and whatever you may feel you need.

Light the candle, compose yourself and ask the Ancestors to come to you help. You can call on whatever energies you trust. I trust my Ancestors and in this bath I would call the Orisha Obatala , the Chief of the white cloth to come to help me remove the energies. Please call on those you are comfortable with, it will work the same .

Ask them to remove any energy that has attached to you and may be hindering your progress . Ask them to find the energies where ever they are hiding, leave no stone go unturned in their pursuit and do not listen to their stories for mercy.

Thank the water for holding the power of the petals life force, thank the flower for its petals and the energy they have given to your cause, thank the other items for their contribution to your progress.

Leave the candle to burn and the bath to set. The energy of your words has charge the bath. Your prayer intentions with diffuse into every molecule of the bath water making sure your life force and that of elements of bath can be used by the energies you have called via the candle to aid you.

After a least hour your can enter the bath. The room should be ready. Relax in the bath and think of the energies you called and thank them for the help they are giving you. If you feel the urge to open your mouth, let it happen as this is a sign that the unwanted energies are leaving. As you raise your frequency, lower energies cannot live with you anymore.

Put on fresh clothes as your energy has now been cleansed and different from that before the bath. Relax, try not to think of anything to heavy for the rest of the night.

This is a very basic bath to start off, there is a whole science behind using different herbs and items to create different affects for other situations. These baths are designed to clear the way so your natural intelligence can break through your fears and concerns. We have answers within ourselves, unfortunately we are sometimes just too afraid to ask the real questions.

This is like you baptising yourself into your own religion. Even though you have asked for help to cleanse yourself, you are still free and now not a slave to that energy. You are an energy asking another energy being to help you out. You have forgotten who you are and your real relationships with these energies.

You are powerful , you are the creator of the world you see in your mind, and your ego will try and convince you that you do not need this as you are alright. The ego is an entity that has convinced everyone it does not exist. That one will be dealt with another time.

Good luck too one and all, this is just the tip of the iceberg, every journey start from the first step. Walk with confidence as they need you as you have the power.




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